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Yami Shibai: Kami

An acquaintance had once told me of a hair-raising experience that she had while clocking late hours at work. As always, her position as an elementary school teacher would demand quite considerably of her to put in extra for the curriculum and her students. Hence, she would easily get engrossed in her duties that anything around her seemed nondescript. However, that one night had turned her life around. As she related her story to me, I could sense a heightened fear lurking about. Just what had been so frightening that made her a different person overnight?

"Hair," her voice had trembled. But I realised that there was a subtle pun to that as well, since in Japanese the word 'kami' could refer to either hair or paper. That night saw her putting together study materials for her students. The singular light from the teachers' office had stood out effortlessly as complete darkness settled in around the school premises. Some more time had passed, and she finally heaved a sigh of relief. The notes were done, and all that remained was the photocopying. She set the printer in place, and test-copied the document. What came out of the out-tray however baffled her.  

The photocopy had a few thin lines of black across the page, yet they weren't ink smudges or anything like that. The black lines were clean though somewhat jagged. Naturally, she reached for the lid to check for any problem with the equipment. A horrific sight greeted her as the lid opened; it was the head of a woman with long, dishevelled hair just beneath the scanner! Nonetheless, she had dismissed that as an illusion since she had been overworking and such. She didn't think any more to it, and just wanted to finish her work for the night.

Quite unfortunately, that little mishap was only the beginning of her gradually manifesting fear. Even though she had been conscious enough to derive that there shouldn't be anybody else in the school building late in the night, she didn't think that there could be a supernatural presence around. After all, working late was considered part of her life, and nothing peculiar had occurred until that very night. Eventually, she returned to her photocopying, only to be thrown back by increasingly bizarre occurrences. At the last straw, she simply reopened the lid, and this time she no longer thought that she had been imagining things.

On top of the scanner laid many strands of long hair, and as if on cue the hair began to slip downwards into one of the side compartments. Terrified but still determined to resolve the erratic machine, she bravely bent down to where all that hair had gone into, and opened forcefully. Nothing. There was nothing at all. How strange. In the end, she still wondered if all of that were merely due to work exhaustion, and then proceeded to close down the lid. She screamed.

She didn't say what happened after that, but from the uneasiness that had been showing on her face, I thought that it would be wise not to probe anything.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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