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Figure Unboxing and Review: Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls - Shimamura Uzuki

Guess who this is?

It's Shimamu from Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls! This is a figure by Good Smile Company, that was released some time ago. I got it second hand from Amiami's pre-owned section on a previous trip to Tokyo.
The box for Shimamu has a simple pattern with dots in different shades of teal. Pink sparkles are also spaced out evenly all over the box to bring out that magical sparkle of idols.

The blister gives a simple indication of what the figure entails - Shimamu herself and a simple circle base. She does not come with any additional parts or attachments, hence assembling is a simple process.
 The base itself is inspired by a clock with roman numerals, tying it close to the aspect of "Cinderella". While I applaud Good Smile Company on the concept for the base, I felt like the color scheme could have been much better.

The circle base itself in in a creamy white color, that's not fully opaque yet not see-through enough to be labelled as translucent either. The pink detailing on this base's color is rather obscure and faint in contrast with the sharp yellow roman numerals. Personally, I don't find this contrast appealing.
The neon yellow numerals forming a small circle around Shimamu's soles stand out quite a bit when viewed from a higher angle. Like I mentioned previously, this isn't a contrast I like. Shimamu's color palette is more of a pastel color and softer on the eye.
A simple 360 of the figure shows the different angles of the figure and showcases the different layers and components of her outfit.
Her hair is sculpted delicately and even with her thick hair, all the different bunches are delicately sculpted and painted. Some of them are even sculpted to twirl in a different direction to add volume to her hair!
The hair seam is also cleverly concealed with her hair style too! The way her outfit flares out is really cute too and I love how the inner and outer sides of her outfit has two different colors.
Shimamu's pose is very idol-esque, probably framing a scene with her hands outstretched in a middle of her song and dance. While I find that this pose looks rather good from the side-view, it looks a little awkward from the front, especially if you view the figure at eye-level.
Her arms are slightly lowered instead of being outstretched straight out in front of her. This probably fits the impression that she is striking this pose to fans, who would inevitably be mostly seated on a lower ground than the platform she is on. However, this is rather an awkward pose when taken out of context.

Her outfit is really detailed, with a myriad of colors accentuating the cream and blues on her dress.
The brown tassels around her waistband fit with the matte color scheme on her attire, however those tassels on her shoulders seem a little too dull. I wished that they would use a brighter gold shade, similar to that encasing her heart shaped brooch.
Small details on this dress really pull the look together. There are several heart-shaped accents on her outfit, such as the brooch on her chest and this cute little piece to hold her attire together.
Similar to her dress, her shoes also have heart-shaped embellishments covered in gold paint. Her blue shoes have a slight design to them, however the sculpts are rather rough looking. I wish that they put in a little more effort into defining her shoes.
Her stockings are white and adorned with a red heart on the outside of her thighs add to her outfit. The back of her knees and ankles are also shaded lightly to add dimensions to the figure.
Additional details that are easily overlooked are like this symbol at the front of her glove, which is typically hidden due to her pose. 
Another noteworthy aspect is that there are small gold heart accents at the tips of her dress. However, I wish that the transition would be smoother.

There are a lot of good points about this figure, but I find that the hands in the pose is awkwardly positioned, and the cream color of her attire doesn't fit the pristine white look I have in mind for a cutesy idol. Hence, I think that there should be a lot of other good Shimamu figures that you could get at the same price, with better sculpting and posing that would fit Shimamu better.

~ Reina-rin

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