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Figure Review: Kousaka Honoka Mogyutto "Love" de Sekkinchuu! (Furyu)

Next down the list of Love Live! Prize Figures is another Honoka by Furyu as well! I'm not a huge Honoka fan, though she's in the top half of my rankings, but my roommate certainly is~
To be honest, I never liked the outfits much in this song, especially on the album cover, due to the art style. I always found that those earrings which Honoka wore looked so bulky and weren't practical. However, this figure made me take a double-take because of how cute she actually looks!

As with the Valentines Version of Honoka by Furyu which I reviewed previously, this Honoka also has a similar base. I still don't feel much connection between the base and what's printed on it but the font color makes more sense this time round -- tying it in impeccably with the pink ribbons on this figure!

Posing and Assembly

This Honoka looks a little melancholy to me. I'm not sure if you'd understand even with pictures but se definitely isn't portraying the usual bubbly and energetic side of her in this figure. In fact, I find this to be a nice change.

A quick 360 shows Honoka's pose well, and we see that she appears to be mid-performance, probably where she's singing a solo part. Her pose definitely isn't dynamic, but neither is it static. It does leave much to be desired though.

As with most other prize figures, her assembly is simply placing the figure onto the base, with the respective pegs aligned. There's nothing too tough about this as all her pegs fitted well for me.

Sculpting and Painting
Honoka looks so much more mature here! Her face sculpt isn't anything great (I wish they could have added more shading to her mouth), but the main focus of this image is with the earrings. They are so puffy and round, and actually do look good from a distance. Close up though, that magic is gone since the material now looks (and is) hard to the touch. The same thing goes for the scunchie-like material at her wrists.

Honoka's hair sculpt in this figure isn't all that well made either. The only part I like about it is the curls, which portray a more unusual style for her. However the individual strand sculpting, painting as well as movement in her hair still leaves much to be desired.

With this picture, we can see her outfit as well. Her collar are full of well-sculped frills and they are in fact layered and don't appear as messy as those I see on some other Furyu prize figures. I like how her apron isn't only solely white as well, and that the large bow on her back can be seen even from the front of the figure!
I don't like how her ponytail just looks totally flat and 2-dimensional in this image. But a god point is that her hair seam is completely covered thanks to the headgear of the maid outfit!

We also get a better view of the frilly parts on the top of her chest (in between the collar and the apron), which is also layered with much smaller frills. And speaking of frills, there are ruffles not only on the straps of the apron but also all around the apron as well!
The back of Honoka's hair isn't forgotten, and it's probably not wrong of me to say that it's better sculpted than the other parts of her hair!

Her outfit shines from the back as well! The ruffles on the apron's straps at the back are not forgotten and are fitted with ruffles steadily decreasing in size too! The huge pink bow on her back has a gradient from lighter to darker colors and ending with a nice touch of pattern. The ragged ends of the ribbon and the cut out really do make a difference and help to bring attention to her which stockings and pink ribbon around her ankles!

But more importantly, I'll like to mention the sculpt of her skirt part which is catching the light and casting shadows in the right way which makes her look so much more 3-dimensional!


Whether you like the song or not, as long as you are a fan of Honoka, I find this figure a worthy buy! She doesn't have many scale figures out there which I'm willing to spend on, but thankfully she does have her own fair share of great prize figures as alternatives!

~ Reina-rin

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