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Queen Bee (Amami Kisa) - Alien Hunter 2

Name : Amami Kisa あまみきさ (Alien Hunter 2)
Height : 173cm
Weight : 55kg
Measurements : 36D-26-32
Birthday : 14 February 1989
: Max Wong

Amami Kisa is a reconnaissance and bomb specialist. She has one of the best vision in the world. A commander of an army of killer bees, the weapons under her disposal include a pair of Spectrum Glass, Wings, Swarm Bombs and Bee Drones.

Spectrum Glass

The Spectrum Glass which is only unique to Amami Kisa allows her to see far into the colour wavelength to reach ultraviolet's. Thus, she perceives the world differently from us, much like how a bee can target the centre of a flower so accurately. With the Spectrum Glass on, no amount of hiding from the Aliens can shield their whereabouts.


The large pair of wings carry Amami to far distances in speed in excess of 200 km/hr and upper ceiling limit of 6000m. Amami's thoracic temperature reaches about 125 degrees fahrenheit (51.7 degrees celsius) when she flies. However, in high altitudes, she cannot fly for a long period as the cold temperature and low air density reduces her oxygen intake and causes her wings to work harder.

Swarm Bombs

Clutched on her thighs are 4 Swarm Bombs. Each bomb measures 5cm in diameter and contains a total of 100 killer bees. Upon detonation, the infuriating bees attack the target in a frenzy state of relentless stinging. An average-size alien that is stung by 8-10 bees often experiences disillusion. If it gets inflicted by more than a dozen stings, the injected venom results in death within 30 minutes.

Drone Bee

Up the right sleeve of Amami housed a pair of titanium grade 3.5cm Drone Bees. The drone bees are able to penetrate into small crevices to conduct reconnaissance. They have a maximum range of 2.4km and speed of 80 km/hr. Amami controls the drones via her smartphone and she sees whatever intelligence captured by the drones. No place is safe, even in caves and mountains when the Drone Bees are heading your way.

Amami Kisa (Queen Bee) is Alien Hunter No.2 and fights along Yuumi

Written by Max

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