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Welcoming the New Year

It’s been a month since the start of 2017 and we’re right into Chinese New Year. I’m sure most of you guys are busy visiting relatives and for the others, enjoying their time off from normal schedule. I too visited my Chinese relatives. My grandaunt of my father’s side of the family to be exact. Visiting her brings back memories of my late grandmother. All the stories she shared and all the care she had given to me when I was growing up. My grandaunt had some photo albums of the past. I had changed a lot over the years. I looked like a nerd back then. Wearing big clothes that my mother bought for me and my thin green glasses. Come to think of it, I’ve changed my glasses five times. From green to white, then to another white, yellow and now black due to army.

Talking about army, I’ve passed most of my theory tests and a few practical. Now left with a few more activities before I POP again. Well, actually it will be my first experience POP-ing as I was unfit for duty for my recruit one. Throwing my cap to the ceiling and having it fall smack down on my face isn’t what I want to remember my POP by. I’ll get a new uniform to wear and finally be posted to my unit.

I had bought a few games recently. Well, two of them were bought while another two was free. 

Gravity Rush 2’s finally out and so is Fate/Extella: Umbral Star. I’ve yet to play Gravity Rush 2 since the day I bought it as I have been spending my time on Fate/Extella. 

I’m currently just playing the side missions. Playing as Tamamo was really hard as she is not as durable as the other characters. I struggled so many times, failing a few missions and dying in the process but it was fun learning how to play each character. Waiting for the English version of the DLC to be available so I can change their costume. The two free games that I got are God of War III and Tales of Zestria. I have been wanting to play Tales of Zestria since last year but put off buying it as I have not much time to put into playing it but since it was free on PS4 as I have Playstation Plus, I had to get it. 

Probably playing it next week or in two more weeks as I want to try out Gravity Rush 2 first as I had just finished Fate/Extella’s main storyline.

I re-watched a few old shows this month. 

I started off with Heroman which I had stumbled upon when I was searching for Rockman.exe. It looked interesting enough and I gave it a try. 

I also watched Gundam 00 as well as in the midst of Tiger & Bunny. Guess I had a craving of watching shounen shows. The Flash episodes finally began airing again where episode ten greeted us last week. It felt like a year waiting for an episode to air and I kept checking on it every week when I get back home from camp.

I also went through some sort of change this year. My song playlist on my phone have expanded from just Japanese songs to an international one. I’ve stared to listen to English, Korean, Malay, Bollywood and Chinese. I’ve also been reading manga more than watching anime. I try my best to keep myself fit by working out after I wake up. I guess being exposed to both army and the people in them have influenced me to change. Not sure how long this change or slight diversion will last but I find it okay at the moment. In fact, I quite welcome it and I hope it stays.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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