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Our very first anime T-shirt featuring Miwa Haruka

Dream come true
Since 2015, I had dreamed of designing and printing our very own anime T-shirts. I wanted the design to represent Milkcananime and one that my writers can wear proudly whenever they are invited to attend the local events here. However, making T-shirts does not come cheap since I am not just making one for myself but for the entire team, including my facebook's admin team. I intend to print regularly from now onwards with our own OCs.

2 months of research
I did a thorough research on how and where to source for T-shirts and the often confusing methods of printing; from silk screen printing, heat transfer, sublimation, blah blah blah. I searched online from a myriad of suppliers from countries like China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. There were countless email correspondence between these people. At the end of two months, I settled for a supplier from non other than our own country - Singapore. I won't write a granny's story on why I didn't select from those countries which are cheaper. In summary, I had chosen a supplier here in Singapore based on quality, communication and trust. Although relatively expensive, I believe I was getting a value here and not one with cut-cornered quality.

Quality - Dri fit material, smooth and lightweight.
Communication - Speaks English. Timely response via sms and email.
Trust - Deliver the results as promised. And I received the printed T-shirts 3 days before the deadline.

(As simple as it sounds, many suppliers lack some of these traits)

Here are some pictures of the Miwa Haruka T-shirt. I've made a total of 20 pieces.

Only 4 T-shirts left. After giving away 16 to all my writers, facebook admins and my resident illustrator.

Miwa Haruka is the mascot for Milkcananime

Well, that's my first T-shirt design. I have one for myself. It is very comfortable as it is made of Dri-Fit material. I still feel cool whenever I go out on a hot day. But I needed a jacket if I were to wear it in the cinema.

Written by Max

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