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Something about Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. February 14th. Some (I don't know who) call it Singles' Day, others (I don't know who) call it Friendship Day. Isn't it just another day anyway? Hey, that rhymes! Chocolates. Sweets. Giri. Honmei. Please go out with me. Please don't go out with me. You are just a friend. A classmate. Somebody. A colleague. Somebody in the family. Everybody. But chocolate is good. It does wonders to your complexion (?). Chocolate makes you feel better. Binge. It is just another excuse. Take it anyway. Thank you.

Oh, you didn't receive any chocolate? It is okay, don't feel so rejected. Chocolate is just...chocolate. Hey, don't cry! Why are you dying to have chocolate anyway? Here, I can share mine, once I have figured out who is most likely to give me some. Kouhai to Senpai. Girlfriend to Boyfriend. Classmate to Classmate. Classmate to Teacher. School seems exceptionally doki-doki on Valentine's Day, don't you think? But it is just chocolate. I don't really get it.

Please, please, please accept this! I, I, I...I have made this myself! For you! It is nothing too fancy, but please! I hope you like! Ano...hmm, Happy Valentine's Day! Yeah, it is chocolate! Heart-shaped chocolate! I chose the box and ribbon myself! I shall get going then! Yeah, chocolate is good! 

Hmm, how shall I confess...I mean, convey my feelings? Ah, I know! I shall practise with the mirror. Hmm, do you like chocolate? Yeah, I love it myself. Oh, may I eat some? Thank you! Wait, why am I eating chocolate meant for somebody else? But this is so tempting! Hmm, I hope you don't mind, but I have actually stolen some chocolate from here. Don't you know that half-bitten chocolate is trending now? Hey, where are you going? Oh well, that leaves everything else to me! Wait, wait, that is so wrong! 

Ah, everything has fallen out! Stop flirting with that cat, and pick up the stuff! There is still so much to prepare for Valentine's Day! Jeez, why are we even thinking of so many people to give chocolate to? This is just insane! Hey, can you stop playing with that cat now? We really need to hurry! Scoop all these stuff up for goodness sake, before that cat starts eating everything! 

Valentine's Day. I don't know what the big deal is, but isn't it just another day anyway?

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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