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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nia Teppelin (Myethos)

Nia Teppelin is probably one of the main few characters in Gurren Lagann and I say probably because I haven't watched it. Despite so, I know that many of you know that I would just buy her because she's in a wedding dress and I have a soft spot for figures in this theme.

In fact I bought her from Amiami during my trip there this July and she was approximately 9,000 yen. But of course, that is a story for another time. For now, let's focus on reviewing this lovely figure!

Nia's box is one of the better ones, not only because it is pretty but also because it is extremely sturdy. The whole box is made of cardboard and that really helps it to keep the figure safe during transport since the figure itself is quite heavy.

I like how there are windows for the box, allowing us to be able to appreciate the figure before actually unboxing her, as well as cardboard lining the windows as well. These serve as part of the design as well as making the window less flimsy.
The other sides of the box matches the design in the front but has a lot more roses to bring out a feminine and elegant feel to the figure itself. 
I appreciate how the bottom of the box showcases some designs as well. There are many figures lately that just ignore the whole bottom of the box, choosing to leave it void of designs and just paste copyrights and warnings there. Though some may find this unnecessary, I find it nice that Myethos would take this extra step.
The top of the box features the roof of the building this scene is probably constructed in. If I haven't mentioned that I love this pink shade Myethos used, I'm highlighting this point now.
The inside of the box is really pretty also and we see roses printed on the bottom and falling petals at the side. The only downside is that the glue at the front window is really obvious. However, you will never see it in your display even if you choose to display Nia still in the box so this isn't a crucial point to note.

Base is a simple red circle on this black round disc. The material for the red felt is similar to that of a red carpet, making it seem like a scene out of a real chapel. However, this base is really compact after placing her on it (image below).

I hoped that Myethos could have made it wider or added some twist to it such as Nia going up a flight of stairs, etc. However I am not familiar enough with the source material to know if this would take away any aspect of the figure.


As usual, let's start with a 360 of the figure.

From this series of pictures, it is already very obvious that the wedding dress which she is wearing is really very detailed and despite being simple (no wind billowing the dress out), all the creases make the wedding dress sufficiently dynamic.

The slightly melancholic atmosphere Nia's expression gives is also one of the aspects commonly praised by fans of the series.

Now, let's look at the following few aspects which I really like about this figure.
Firstly, the bouquet. As you can see, there isn't much shading for the flowers but there are two different shades (pink and red) as well as leaves.This makes the bouquet look simple and yet elegant, while not too distracting from the otherwise mainly white figure.

I used to think that it would be better if the red and pink flowers alternated, but now the half-half combination has really grown on me.
Another aspect that I like is that they added accessories to her neckline. While that helps to add color to the figure, this is also a point which I dislike because the gold lining looks very flat and unimpressive. I felt that it would be better if Myethos invested more effort to make these accessories more realistic. 
Another point I like is the choice of color that they used to shade the dress. Most Nendoroids and other white-based clothes typically use blue for shading but I feel that this pinkish hue which Myethos chose really suits the figure very well.
Something that really stands out about this figure is the intricate designs which they include (but most of them don't really stand out at first glance). For instance, the zig-zag cutting at the hem of Nia's gloves is a really nice touch. In addition, there are also patterns at the ends of the gloves.
The rose patterns at the back of her dress adds a fine touch and is part of the reason why I really like the back view of this figure. The shading at her back and shoulder blades bring out the main parts of the ideal body shape for a wedding dress.

Ignoring the hair seam, I like the row of roses lining her ponytail. In fact, this helps to determine whether you'll like to display her with her veil or not. I'll like to give another shot of Nia without her veil first.

The right translucent material on the right is the veil and you can see some pink parts at the end of it. This is where you slide it onto her head. The full band of roses on the left is what you have been seeing on Nia's ponytail for the previous two images.
To put the veil on, simply slide the band of roses already in place off and put the band attached to the veil on. There is a peg at the side of her head as well as an indent all across the top of her head which you can slide the band into place
The veil should be covering her ponytail. As it isn't PVC, you can arrange it however you like until you achieve the look you are going for. Below are several shots of her with the veil.

 Warning: The next image is NSFW.
From the bottom you can see that Nia is also wearing white stockings and garters and there is a gradient, where it is darker at her ankles.

Unfortunately, the bottom of her heels are completely smooth. As Nia balances on her skirt, I guess it is inevitable that Myethos did not find it necessary to invest in sculpting the bottom of her heels realistically.

~ Reina-rin

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