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Figure Unboxing and Review: Cardcaptor Sakura (Good Smile Company) Sakura!

Cardcaptor Sakura is definitely one of the iconic figures out in the market and now we shall take a look at the figure itself. Do note that I have already reviewed the base in a separate article here so if you want to get more details on that, please refer to that article instead!
The colors of the figure are basically brown hues and red with green. The tints of gold help bring out the elegance of the figure and this is clearly seen at the hem of her dress where it has all the main colors together.

Do note that a lot of items on this figure are sharp and may hurt you. A perfect example are the stars around the hem of her dress (image above) and the star on the top of her crown (image below). Do make sure that you handle them with care.

The stars may appear fragile but extra stars are provided along with the purchase so do always prioritize your own safety!
The crown is really detailed and you can see the gap between the red plush inner part and the gold strips. Each of the gold strips have equally spaced bulbs to add another level of intricate detail to the crown.

Sakura's hair is also very intricate with a lot of loose strands billowing in the wind. It brings out this "fairytale" feel of the figure. There are no visible seams to the hair parts at all, making it a very huge plus factor for me.
This is how she looks after removing all the plastic and setting her in place. There's just so many things to look at for this figure, going from her pearl white gloves to  the puffy sleeves, translucent piece around her waist, and her bright red shoes.

However, let's take a look at all these one by one. First up is her outfit at her upper body!

I absolutely love how puffy her sleeves look and the hints of green under the slits. Puffy sleeves have always been some Disney-princess thing and Sakura pulls it off perfectly. The gold star at her chest is another point to note because it is sculpted and painted on the figure but there are no paint leakages onto her red blouse. All the paintwork is clean and crisp.
Moving on to the back of her outfit, we see the translucent piece around her neckline that wasn't very obvious when viewed from the front. It is from the back that the intricacy of the piece comes into play. It has this zigzag cut that ends in frills, making this piece really a joy to look at. The translucent colors also help make the piece look very nice and soft and a good addition to complement the rest of her bold red outfit without taking too much attention away from it (like it would if it had a solid color).

I like how it also ties in with the translucent piece around Sakura's waist which has the same cut. The way it billows out shows how soft and light the material is compared to the rest of her outfit (where her skirt part is much more stiff and doesn't lift much in the wind.
A closet look into the top half of Sakura's body to help summarize all I say into one picture. I love how you can see the skirt part through the translucent piece around Sakura's waist.

The way her gloves are creased around her elbows are really realistic and adds in a nice touch. I like how it makes it look as if the glove is looser around the top, which makes sense in this design.

Sakura's choker is rather covered by the translucent piece around her neck but at times when you can spot it, it really makes all the difference.

Here are some close up shots on the wand she is holding. You can see that it is painted very well with gradients going all down the wand (darkest at the bottom of the wand), as well as how the darker pink are at the lower half of the circle part -- and that creates the feel of what's in the shadow and how the light should be falling on the figure.

And below, we have some extra shots to show off the other sides of the figure as well!

Hope that you enjoy the figure and would consider purchasing her!

~ Reina-rin

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