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A Letter to Cardcaptor Sakura

Dear Sakura,

How wonderful to see you chasing cards again after a 18-year hiatus! I have missed you and the gang! Now that the whole lot has returned for Clear Card, I can't wait to hop on this adventure! Gosh, those fond memories have all come back! Everybody has grown so much over time, haven't they? You have done such an awesome job as Cardcaptor, so it would be a total waste not to summon your magical powers back, as much as we also want you to lead a happy, peaceful life...ha ha ha!

See? This is what I am talking about! Even the staff has blossomed into something so vividly spectacular! Everything else is also new, souped up...I am just in awe of the changes! Oh, congrats on becoming a seventh grader! Well, I suppose the happiest change isn't really the staff or the cards or how nice that school uniform looks on you, but this!

Yes! Your official boyfriend and husband-to-be, Shaoran! So he will stay permanently (his own words) in Tomoeda following his return, and both of you can live happily ever after...okay, that is moving a bit too quickly eh? Shaoran has also matured considerably over time, and he is no longer what he was Kero-chan's words, bratty? But he still blushes easily, which is just the cutest thing!

Hmm, I would like to think Tomoyo has changed somewhat, but it seems she has still retained her obsession with you! Her life simply revolves around your happiness, and of course your role as Cardcaptor! Even though those costumes do look great on you, I think some of them are just too much. Then again, Tomoyo's videos of you are probably more creepy since she keeps them for her own private viewing! Ha ha ha...

The cheesecake moment is just adorable! I like how Chiharu has a little narrator's spot at the side while you, Tomoyo and Kero-chan prepare the cheesecake. It does look mouth-watering! I am just thankful this feels like the good old days, despite the changes and such! Cardcaptor Sakura is still easily a force not to be messed with! I love the new command by the way. SECURE!

So I shall be seeing more of you and the rest as the anime progresses! Stay cheerful, confident, are one of the best people around! :)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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