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Unboxing Tinkerbell Mini Gashapon Machine

I feel so free today. While looking at my box of toy collection, I found this little Gashapon of Tinkerbell "Gashapon Machine" from Disney Series 2 which I had bought at least 4 years back. Well, a super mini-one, that is... So I decided to fix one and also to show you guys the east steps to complete it. It just took me about 12 minutes to assemble it. So here it goes..

  "Unboxing the fat Gashapon. The usual stuffs are there:  Illustration paper by Yujin, stickers and the mini capsule toys. 

 They give you a total of 5 mini-capsules. The mini stickers are for sticking onto a flat plastic to resemble a "toy". They are well...., as tiny as a pea.

 Half way there.... happy... ^^

 90% complete but arghh, why is there another sticker lying there? ...
I read the instruction on the Yujin slip and found out that the sticker is suppose to be inside the "glass" in front of the machine.

 That's fine. So I took out the glass and insert the sticker from inside. Here's how it looks....

 Yes, a completed Tinkerbell Gashapon Machine. Isn't it beautiful? 
It is only the size of half a palm! Love it!

This will go into my Toys display shelf! Cute and beautiful! Isn't she?

Written be Max


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1 comment to ''Unboxing Tinkerbell Mini Gashapon Machine"

  1. That is an amusing toy box thingy. While Tinkerbell isn't my favorite fairy character, she does have some likable quirks.