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Love Live SIF: Turn your favorite Aqours SR into Figures!

I made one of these posts some time ago for Muse and I thought why not make one for Aqours too since they are blooming in the SIF game too, with their beautiful art that (more often than not) outshines Muse cards.
There hasn't been too many Aqours sets to fangirl over yet but the slower rotation of Muse really helped Aqours gain an edge over the increasing number of Muse URs. For this post, I'll like to focus on just the SRs (since there are more of them for each girl) and which of these are pretty and will look good as a figure.

This is more heartfelt because I'm sick of all the figures focusing on KimiKoko, Aquarium, Aozora and their school uniforms. Aqours has so many more beautiful sets, even if you just include the SRs only, and these are some of them.

Let's begin with Yohane!
I love traditional outfits and this is very beautifully designed. Not only are there intricate designs on the yukata, the purple frills lining the outfit makes it a lot more ladylike. The obi is both cute and the numerous shades just makes it better. The pink strings all over the outfit is really cute, such as the one around her right thigh, on her sleeves as well as on her stockings. Gold trims and accents help to set the mood here, and contrast very well against the black. Lastly, I also love the pattern at the hem of her yukata as well as the hole in the right stocking (which isn't replicated in the left one).

If you recall, Alter did a figure of china dress Nozomi which was spectacular so there's no reason they can't pull this Yohane off too.

Halloween Riko is the cake of the icing for me. Riko has a lot of amazing cards and I was considering between unidolized nurse Riko, ice-skating event card Riko and halloween Riko but I decided to go with this Riko instead. That's because while nurse Riko would have been very cute, she wouldn't match well with the idol-ish theme of the other girls, and the ice-skating event card Riko would end up looking like a blob of pink in 3-D form. On the other hand, halloween Riko is designed intricately with lots of dark colors which would make her pop. Not to mention, the gradient of the skirt piece from blue to purple to pink will definitely stand out in displays.

Red and gold matches perfectly in my opinion, so when this card was announced, I fell in love immediately. The theme matches with Mari well too and the addition of black to the color palette really helped to set a lot more contrast such as white-gold, black-red, black-white and of course black-gold. The same shade of gold is seen brighter when matched with white but duller when matched with gold, thus setting a lot more shades in the illustration. I love the gold hem of the red dress and all the hearts along her stockings as well as the heart staff.

Best of all is how simple the design looks, so much so that she'll probably be easily made by prize figure companies such as Banpresto, and turn out to be of pretty okay quality.

When I have to choose a Ruby SR I love, it just has to be this. The blue and white color scheme contrasts well against her red hair and just makes her look more elegant. The alternate hairstyle is another reason why I love this card. However, some people might want a Ruby figure that's more like herself and in that case, perhaps the unidolized version featuring a happy smiling angel Ruby sitting on a swing would suit tastes better.

In any case, I foresee that the transparent shoes as well as the translucent flap at the waistline would be areas of concern should this become a figure.

Chika doesn't have many SRs that stand out for me but if I had to name one, this would be the most memorable one due to how "at home" she actually looks. If you didn't know, Chika's family runs a ryokan (inn) and this is probably a card about her helping out at the ryokan. We don't have many ryokan girl figures around, and this would be an interesting addition to the mix. However she wouldn't fit into the idol theme then so for that theme, perhaps some other SRs might fit the bill better.

Witches normally have dark themes (like in the halloween set), so having a witch in mainly white is a pleasant surprise. The detailing of the underskirt and hat are lovely. I also enjoy looking at how the feathers are not completely white but have some pattern to it. The feathers on the shoes are completely white though, which are accentuated by the gold trimmings. The amount of white in this costume also makes the skirt and other blue accents on the hat and sleeve pop.

In a display, this would probably match with a lot of other figures as well as create a very good centerpiece for a You shrine!

This looks like a wedding themed thing to me but it's probably just winter. This is one of the most popular event SRs for Maru so far and I love it too. The winter theme, the cool blue and the warm cloak all set themselves apart from Maru's warm and passionate personality zura.

All the ribbons and fur all have a sense of motion to them and need a certain skill level for the sculptor to pull off successfully. This would be a beautiful figure if such a sculptor would take on the project!

Because I already had the angel set chosen for Ruby, I decided not to subject the Kurosawa elder sister to fall to the same fate so I chose my second favorite set for Dia, which is the valentines set. Here, we see a lot of intricate designing going on at her skirt with the checkered print and the stars. There's at least 2 layers to the skirt too, the gold ruffle trim and the white one under. The amount of details at the skirt area would call for precise painting skills and of course, sculpting skills too, since you have to sculpt the ribbon as well as those small, round gold accents that go around the blue part at her waist area. In addition, we'll have loads of flowers and a teapot to boot!!

This was not my first 3 choices in terms of illustration due to how plain this looks -- being just a white dress with lower layers in ombre colors. However, the better-looking illustrations usually just have Kanan in her image color (blue) and that is too similar to her hair color. As that would mean that Kanan as a figure would just look like blue and beige, I decided to go for something that contrasts well with her hair color and so catch attention when viewed from a distance.

Of course, simple designs are not bad either, they are usually made much better in quality and more accurate. Though, I think sculpting this as a figure would definitely be more tough than initially imagined due to all the pearls involved here, like around her thigh, the back of her dress (at her waist) and at her flower hair ornament.

So which of these designs do you like and which would you want to see as a figure?

~ Reina-rin

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