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Figure Unboxing and Review: Racing Miku 2016 version Scale Figure

As most of you know, this Miku is the pride and joy and the Racing Miku that I loved. I did not even own any other Racing Miku figures before ordering this one. One of the things that I loved about this Miku would be the range of accessories which she came with and the vibrant colors that she has.

It would probably remain a regret for me (forever) that I did not get her Nendoroid, but well, I might find it at a good price someday. Going back to the figure, I'll like to start the review off by talking about the base.

I love how they kept the tires to the correct kind that are used for racing, and comes with the prints on them to add more detail to the figure. I could have seen them coming with a design that would match normal tires more (with better grip) to add an additional level of detail and dynamism to the figure but I am really glad that they kept to the theme.

The matte black paint used here ties in very well to the asphalt-like base, and since both are dark in colors, it helps the vibrant colors of Miku's costume and the pastel colors of the weights to really pop.
There are some markings on the tires that adds even more detail and seem more personalized as it isn't "printed"!
All the weights actually come with cute little faces and a corresponding weight as well. The faces also tie in very well with their positions. For instance, the green sleeping weight several images back is sitting on the lowest tire and hence the peaceful expression. On the other hand, this yellow weight appears to be struggling to prevent the middle tire from slipping out from under Miku.
The third and last weight in this figure would be this cute little red weight, whose role is to carry a can of red bull to Miku. The weight is shown as light, and perhaps the reason why it is able to fly (other than the obvious connection with Red Bull's slogan).

And the very last accessory we will look at before jumping into Miku's sculpt and painting would be the umbrella. The umbrella is essentially the next most colorful thing in this figure apart from Miku.

One thing that I really like about the handle would be how the colors seem to match the top half of Miku's gloves to a T when viewed from certain angles.
The colors running up the umbrella from red (top) to purple (edge) also contrasts well against her hair, which runs in the opposite way from purple to red. The adequate use of plain white portions as well as red with the white Goodsmile logo also aids in creating additional layers of contrast and depth.
Miku's pose is really relaxed in this figure and it looks as if she's caught in a picture unknowingly rather than the other Racing Miku figures which look more like they were posing specifically for the camera.

From the side we see plenty of colors that go on the underside of the umbrella as well as on Miku. Her hair comes with red stripes down which tangle around strands that grow into a rainbow gradient. 
I found the lack of blending for both the rainbow colors and the highlights rather jarring at first, but after sometime of deliberation about ordering her, I actually got used to it. The seven different colors of a rainbow doesn't blend together perfectly as well, and the stark differences in borders of the colors actually grew on me. On hindsight, it's actually amazing how they managed to fit so many colors in such a small area and yet still have them all clean with no paint transfers and errors.
The only clear gradient effect that we see would be on her stockings that go from red at her thighs to yellow at her feet. This gradient is by no means gentle but since red and yellow are close on the color wheel, it actually matches up well together. (And on her knee, you see the peg hole that the umbrella is supposed to go into as well).
All the different words on Miku's outfit and red borders are very clean on my copy as well.
 The ear accessory does appear rather chunky but I'm not sure if that's how it looks in real life.
 The names of all the sponsors are on her back and all their logos are clean and pretty. The piapro semi-translucent straps running down are slightly flexible so don't worry too much about breaking them. They add a very good touch to the figure though, as they run and fit in a different way around the tires as opposed to Miku's hair.
Enjoyment 8/10
I'll probably get her again if I'm giving the choice. The amount of vibrant colors really adds a lot to a display and her different view (not looking directly at the person looking at the figure) helps to spin a story and give it a very different feel from most of the other figures which you, as a collector, may have. Personally, I'm all for these new aspects.

However, do note that if your display mainly encompasses darker colors, this piece might be a little too jarring for your collection. You may wish to consider placing her in a different location, or use it as a centerpiece in that case.

~ Reina-rin

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