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Sneak Peek: Waseda Shibuya High - Seiransai

A short sneak peek to this year’s seiransai at Waseda Shibuya High School in Singapore (I had access to the festival on Saturday, one day prior to the event). The theme for this year is, Dive into Japan! I’ll keep it short since I don’t really want to make this too spoiler-ish for the festival (somethings should be discovered by yourself;)). Hopefully though, this would convince anyone who is doubting whether the trip is worth it or not!

Good food, good games, good fun, do go~
Good food:

Well, eat lunch there in their canteen. Mains are $5, desserts $2 and drinks $1.

Hmm…. I had the curry rice. There was some Don and Somen as well, definitely go check it out.
For desserts, pudding is recommended.
Do try the baked goods by the cooking club as well.
Good games/stalls:

Event space~ that's a model of Kumamoto Castle btw~
…tough… every class had something going on, I wanted to be everywhere. 

There were mostly games, or mazes, or even a Maid Café… (maybe you’ll spot some butlers!) The Maid Café was really popular and they serve pancakes and jelly~!

Maid Cafe~
My advice, you want to see to the Maid Café? You better go early, the queue is long.

Haunted house~
Haunted house on third floor…oh yeah, it looked spooky all right~ advice you to go early to queue for this attraction too.

Nicely drawn posters!

Watch some theater~

Escape room game~
The giant maze and escape games in the dark attracted crowds too.

Scooping the balls up from the water~
There was a festival game section, mini games style… Simple but challenging games~

Good fun:

Catch the dances by Wasedance~
Participate in their Stamp rally and quiz solving.

Cool Poster~
Tatami Room~

Drink some tea!
Experience Sado! (Japanese Tea Ceremony) Go in and smell the tatami!
There were tote bags and fans designed by the students as well.
Well, that’s a wrap for the sneak peek into this year’s seiransai! Go and experience it yourself tomorrow (20th September 2015) from 9am onward. There are more programs on Sunday compared to today. The students are all friendly and they want you to come visit their stalls! Give them your support!

I'll leave you to find out how the front design looks like~
Hope to see you at the festival!

Written by Neko

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