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Figure Review: Yamaguchi Tadashi DxF Figure (Banpresto)

The new figure this time round is Yamaguchi from Haikyuu!! And it is a prize figure. However, calling him new would be a bit of a stretch as I had him for months before making this post. I also took pictures of the product quite some time ago but forgot about him till recently, when I decided to sell him along with my other Haikyuu dxf figures.


I'm just looking at the front and back of the box as the sides are undoubtedly almost always the same for prize figures. There's not much about the front, it's still the normal put-the-figure-image-there thing with Banpresto. The back features something more unique to Haikyuu, and shows a pair of figures -- Tsukishima and Yamaguchi -- together because they were scheduled to be released together.
The main blister, or rather, bubblewrap, is nothing unique or extraordinary for prize figures. Prize figures typically come with a flimsy piece of bubblewrap with the various parts enclosed in it. Having a blister is quite rare for prize figures and I've only gotten that twice out of all the prize figures that I bought in the past.

In exchange for the flimsy wraps, the box can be quite sturdy to ease the effects of dropping the figure down a UFO catcher chute!

Posing and Assembly
Assembly is as simple as putting the figure onto the base. However be wary not to push the peg in too much if yours is a tight fit as I broke the peg on my Kageyama dxf due to that.

A simple 360 highlights the pose that Yamaguchi has as it is likely to be one of him preparing to serve. It has the atmosphere of hesitation in his posture yet confidence and determination exuding from his eyes that burn with fiery passion for volleyball. It is a pose that suits him and brings out his personality well. It highlights how he is usually one of those in the shadows, but doesn't get outshone by those before him. His will to improve himself really shows through his posture here!

Go, pinch server, you can do it!

Sculpting and Painting
This is where most of my issues with this figure comes in,
First, allow me to praise Banpresto for including his freckles. They are not too large here and can be easily forgotten if viewed from a distance. I have something against 2D freckles and moles because they tend to change sizes when shown in different frames in the show, and that irregularity tend to surface in figures as well. I'm really glad poor Yamaguchi doesn't have to go through that here.

Bad point to note is that his hands are too huge here and when viewed on their own and compared against the ball, they look ridiculously huge. And this is even more apparent when compared to Haikyuu figures from other lines, except with Tsukishima as he has rather large hands too.
The lines and painting for his attire is mainly crisp through there are quite a few rough areas too, especially for the white lines. The sculpt and paint of the knee pads are the best in my opinion and that trait remains valid for the other Haikyuu dxfs.
The number 12 on the back is crisp and clean. It is a very nice detail that I've noticed.
His shoes have amazing and intricate details too, likewise with other Haikyuu dxf. It uses a subdued grey which brings out the sports shoes feel and the sculpting is good too. Some parts of the grey paint leaks onto the white though. However, that isn't a huge problem considering the proportion of the shoes are to the rest of the figure.

For those who purchased him, I hope you enjoyed unboxing him and putting him together. For those who are thinking of purchasing him, he is rather cheap now (especially second-hand), for 400-800 yen.

~ Reina-rin

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