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Singapore Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Kakichan sea version Wallpapers

The Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay were two of my most favorite attractions in Singapore. The plot of high value land siting at the Gardens by the Bay was previously the subject of Government dilemma - to build private condominiums and skyscrapers and collect revenue or to build a high cost garden for all citizens and tourists to enjoy. As we know, the final decision gave birth to the iconic Gardens by the Bay, which runs contrary to the principle of running a business; the ticket receipts which does not cover the high maintenance of running the two Domes and the entire repertoire of the Garden. Such is the sacrifice of the Singapore Government to give up revenue in exchange for a quality lifestyle to its citizens.

Kakichan The Oyster

Being familiar with these two attractions, I drew a Kakichan sea version of the attractions, beginning with a sketch.

The characters used for Gardens by the Bay (upper drawings) were pretty straightforward. The two Domes - Cloud Forest and Flower Dome are shells itself, just like Kakichan's shell. I used sea corals to replace the trees. Takorin, the dumbo octopus, one of my oc took over the Singapore Flyer.

As for the Marina Bay, I originally drew three large standing fishes but then I felt it didn't match the asethetics of the majestic Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Hotel. Then I remembered Hammerhead Sharks! The hammer-like appearance of the sharks, when joined side by side would form a nice bridge on the top. By the way, there is this awesome (and instagrammable) Infinity Pool over at the 57th storey of the MBS hotel which overlooks the panoramic city skyline of Marina Bay.

The two sea turtles depicts the shopping malls and Casino. The MBS museum features an orangy whale. 
Notice that for the Merlion, I added a touch of "Kakichan" by clipping some shells onto the lion's mane and tail.

It's easy to use our local fruit Durian (with an extreme pungent odour) to conjure the elegant musical theatre Esplanade but since this is a sea version, I thought why not use a bloated up Puffer Fish and reverse it, since the belly would produce the curve needed for the rather round shape.

If you like the kawaii look, you may save to your computer to be used as Desktop wallpapers. Please do not erase the credits on the bottom right. 

Design Sketch by Max Wong
Illustrated by Shiriel

Do you like the two attractions as well? Which animal is your favorite? You can also write to us to request for a different background colour or orientation. 

And if you like the designs, they are available in our store as stickers.

Written by Max Wong

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