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Highlights of the week: Latest Final Fantasy VII game and Berserk Musou

I woke up to a great piece of news. Apparently there will finally be a new FFVII game in 2017. And it is not an app. Is this finally what every FF fan has been waiting for?Thus ends the good part. Do not read on if you do not want to get angry. 

Nomura has promised a remake of FFVII for countless years. And we finally had this logo just months back, with a very short teaser trailer. So the anticipation has never been higher. But instead we get this. 

It is actually a Monopoly set. To post a video of you smashing it up on Youtube if nothing else. The set will be out in April 2017. April's Fool indeed.

So as I have mentioned before the new Omega Force game is confirmed to be Berserk Musou. They are crazy fast at production this time. Already a trailer is out here.

And there already is a release date! Breathtaking when you consider that we only had some inkling of the title this month. Berserk Musou will be available on 21/09 THIS YEAR! 

Now the trailer shows so much blood it looks fake. Tarantino films look tame by comparison. But the action sequences are great. You seemed to get swamped worse than any of the Musou titles. I meant that in a good way. And how can swinging a bastard sword ever go out of fashion?

The next few months look to be a huge drain on the wallet. Persona 5, TWO Tales title, the new Ys, and now this. I will cover the upcoming titles in an article soon.

Written by Don

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