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Here’s Some Chill Romance Anime for You

Hmm, romance anime. There are hundreds and hundreds of those out there, some with little twists and turns that bring out quite bizarre premises. But what about some good old, “ah, that hits the spot” shows? Here are some cute, light-hearted watches if you’re just looking to chill and enjoy. 

  1. Wotaku: Love Is Hard for Otaku 

A romance anime revolving around an adult couple in a workplace environment. And guess what? They’re both otakus! 

Despite being a show with grown-up characters in an office setting, its playful demeanour makes this anime a good watch. The concerns these characters face regarding otaku culture, romance and work-life are relatable to me, despite the fact that I’m a student. 

Our female protagonist, Narumi, is a preppy and cute lady who tries to hide her “true identity” of being an otaku in her new workplace. However, to her surprise, her childhood friend is also there 一 Nifuji, a stoic and down-to-earth gamer. As they bond over their connections with the otaku culture, they also find themselves in a relationship with each other. 

Most romance anime I’ve witnessed are full of melodramas and misunderstandings. This is not one of them. The main couple, Narumi and Nifiji, have striking chemistry with each other and demonstrate the essence of a healthy relationship. The side couple, Hanahko and Tarou, make for an adorable sight as a cosplayer girlfriend and a straight cis man. 

With a pretty small group of characters, you’ll quickly adapt to each of their traits and quirks and grow attached to them. 

  1. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun

The behind-the-scenes of a manga 一 all that’s reflected in this show. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun is about a cheerful student named Sakura, who has a massive crush on her schoolmate Nozaki. And guess what? He turns out to be the creator behind a famous shoujo manga. 

When Sakura musters up all her courage to finally confess to the stoic Nozaki, he mistakes her as one of his fans. And somehow, along the way, Sakura ends up as his manga assistant. 

The anime delves into the characters’ school life and the manga scene. Each character has their own unique quirky character 一 like Nozaki and his obliviousness that’s often mistaken for stoicism, and his friend Mikoshiba, whom Nozaki takes as a character inspiration due to his frivolous and yet shy, tsundere-like personality. 

Naomi constantly tries her very best to get closer to Nozaki. She floods her mind with romantic daydreams and is hit with the reality of her crush’s impassiveness, making for a bunch of comedic moments. Her interactions with the other characters also make for an entertaining watch due to the bickers and laughs they have with each other. 

With all that said, if you’re looking for some angsty slow-burn, this is not the show for that. But running gags and little specks of that first love you feel blooming for your first crush? This anime has just that. 

  1. Kimi ni Todoke

Are you a fan of the loner girl and popular boy trope? Well, fret no more, I’ve just the thing for you. Introducing Kimi ni Todoke: the story of a girl who’s avoided by others because of her scary appearance, and her undying crush on the extroverted, golden-retriever popular boy who’s loved by everyone.

In this show, you won’t find yourself trying to resist the urge to throw eggs at the guy for being an absolute jerk, or the girl for “not being like other girls”. Instead, you’ll get characters who are sweet and genuinely care for each other 一 the epitome of a healthy relationship, which is unfortunately not a common find in recent romance anime. 

This is a perfect watch for those who want to relieve some raw, pure romance with genuine relationship development. At the start, our female protagonist, Sawako, was greatly feared by other students due to her seemingly ghastly demeanour. But underneath all that lies a naive, gentle girl with a kind soul, someone who you can’t help but grow to adore. As people get the chance to interact with Sawako, they get to know her real character and open up to her. 

And Kazehaya is, well, your typical sunshine boy. Nothing about him is over-exaggerated, and it makes sense that he’s a character many girls would have a crush on. That’s the essence of this show 一 the people are realistic and can be found in your everyday life. 

So what are you waiting for? Get comfy and ready to delve into the world of some heartwarming, cosy scenes that you wish would happen to you. Have fun : )

Written by Potato.

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