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Figure Unboxing and Review: Yuuki Yuuna 1/8 Scale (Alter)

Today I bring to you...
A Yuuki Yuuna figure by Alter. With my favorite character made by my favorite company, it was very difficult to resist and say no to purchasing her. Despite so, I held on for quite a few months before I finally decided to cave in and purchase her.

To my defense, I got her after my midterm papers (as a reward to self for hanging out throughout, no doubt), but on the same day, I got my pre-owned Morgiana figure from Amiami (which I would review at a later date) as well as my White day Kousaka Honoka Tatepos.

Without further ado, let me start my review for this gorgeous figure.


As you can see, Honoka's tatepos box is in the first picture, but I won't be reviewing about it in this article as Yuuna makes up a long article by herself.

Yuuna's box uses a lot of pink which is her image color as a Hero (Normal Yuuna is red instead). I actually prefer the normal Yuuna a lot more than the Hero Yuuna and I hope that someday she'll get a figure that can live up to the quality of this scale figure by Alter. One can always dream.
Yuuna in her packaging shows that she doesn't come with much, but her dynamic pose makes up for it. The dynamic appeal in her pose doesn't like with how her body is twisted, but more of how her coat is fluttering in the wind. It does have quite a far bit of shading which I will address later.

She comes with 2 Gyuukis as well, and you can actually pose her with either, both or none. I love almost all elements of Yuuna and chose to pose her with both.


Yuuna's base is definitely not plain but isn't terrifically majestic as well. It would have been better if it used some of the Shinju's roots (sacred tree) but if I were to rate this base on its own, instead of what it could be, it definitely deserves more than a pass.

The base ties to two elements in the series -- Yuuna's color, and flowers. For those who watched the anime or read the novels, I'm sure you'll know that each girl is based off on a flower and the theme of Yuyuyu revolves a lot around flowers (Mankai and Sange, literally Blooming and Wilting).
In addition, I like that some of the flowers are pink, giving them a dimension as the pink ones seem to be submerged. Furthermore, there are flower petals around too, giving us fans both the impression of Mankai and Sange, both of which are important and saddening concepts in the series.

Posing and Assembly

A simple 360 of Yuuna shows that she has a lot of intricate details which I would be covering in the next section. For this, I would like to point out that her figure has a lot of feeling of movement, from her cape to her hair and even the ribbon on the chest armor.

Assembly for Yuuna is as simple as putting her on her base. The rest of her body comes as a whole piece and not much work is required to put her together.

On this section, I'll also talk about her faerie that came together with her, Gyuuki!

Here is the front and back of the two Gyuukis. They each come with their own circular bases which you can sit them on. These bases come under their blister for each respective Gyuuki. However, there is only 1 pole stand for the floating Gyuuki.

Gyuuki's head can be rotated and removed. Tip for those who want to switch them up!

Sculpting and Painting
This section is where this figure begins to shine and I'll like to kickstart this by pointing out the amount of shading which her cape got. Of course, this is the underside, which is usually neglected, but not by Alter! I was initially quite skeptical about how much shading there was for the underside of her cloak (as you can see the pink shade is coming up quite strongly even in photos) but became quite pleased by when I actually displayed her. The shadows by natural light actually blocks out how sharp her shading is and adds a lot of dimension to her figure!
From here, there are many things that can be analysed so I'll begin from the top. The ends of Yuuna's hair is very crisp and clean and individual strands are sculpted. It's more apparent when looking at her ponytail, which I'll get to in a while. 

The tips of the hairband holding up her ponytail are colored pink and creates a sharp gradient, however, it doesn't look too jarring. 
The hair clip on her bangs is covered in glossy paint and there are no paint spills.
Bringing it down to her costume, it mainly uses black, pink and white. There are absolutely no paint spills on my copy and the pinks are well differentiated by being matte and glossy. With the lighting casting reflections, I'm sure you can discern which are the matte and which are the glossy ones!

The red ribbon on her chest has a sense of movement and doesn't fall limply on her. There's a line of white to give it some form of pattern. Needless to say again, no paint spills. The white line is perfectly centered as well.

As seen, Yuuna's outfit is quite tight on her and the creases in the white fabric parts do well to show this. Nevertheless, the look of it fluttering in the wind creates the effect of being lightweight. Similar to the red ribbon, these are slightly flexible and can resist damage but make sure to not apply too much force on it.

On myfigurecollection, some users also commented that she has a bit of a cameltoe. I would like to mention that it isn't obvious and I don't feel like there was any emphasis placed on it, when compared to swimsuit figures or especially Hentai figures.

Even from the back, the details on her outfit are consistent and Alter definitely didn't slack. You can also see that the top of her cape has its own share of shading as well.
Remember when I mentioned that her ponytail shows individual strands? Well, the strands that make up her ponytail are sculpted too, making it look like her hair is really tied back.
Of course, not forgetting her ponytail itself!


I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants a simple but dynamic figure, loves the series, or just want pink-themed figures in general! She looks great from a lot of angles and looks amazing even on her own in a detolf. She is one of the prettiest figures I own and I'm proud to have finally gotten her!

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