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Figure Unboxing and Review: Super Sonico's 10 Year Anniversary Figure - Wedding Sonico (Assembly)

Warning: Slight NSFW!

As mentioned in my review post, there's just a lot of steps for assembly of this figure, and this instruction sheet helps to put the mass of it into perspective. From the first half of the sheet, we see the different parts Sonico comes with, and shows how the different parts of the base are supposed to be attached.
The second half of the sheet illustrates how to change the faceplates, attach the bouquet, and cast off the figure. However, I do feel that this was insufficient as there are a lot of points for assembly that was left out, and I'm here to address some of them that I found during my own assembly.
First, let's look at the assembly for the base. It comes with a red staircase which Sonico would stand on, and a gold ornament behind her which consists of a golden crescent, and an arc of golden stars, that would be held up by a metal pole.
On the back side of the crescent is a hole which you would attach the pole to in the manner illustrated by the image below. After which, the other end of the pole would be pushed into the peg hole at the back of the red staircase.
The last step would simply be to hook the stars into place.
The full base after assembly is seen in the image below. 
I'll write the flow of the assembly in the order which it's easiest to put her together. However, as I did it via trial and error, fret not, if you see some parts already assembled in the image. I'll get to it in words eventually.

The easiest flow I found to assemble the figure is as follows:

1. Put Sonico on the base
Sonico's body comes in three different parts: head, upper body, and lower body. The upper and lower body parts are connected via a rectangular peg, and two pegs at the ends of the garters that attach to the top of her stockings (peg holes in image below).
Make sure that the garters are out of the peg holes before detaching the body parts.
You would want to put the lower body on the base first, as it takes quite a bit of wiggling around to get her in the right angle to fit on the peg. You wouldn't want to do this when she is fully assembled, especially with the skirt part, as it makes maneuvering much more difficult.

Do not worry or push harder on the peg is you find that the peg doesn't fit into the peg hole on her sole--that probably just means that the angle is incorrect. You would want to tilt her at a different angle and try again until she simply slides onto the peg with ease.

2. Choose if you wish to put her skirt part on, or have it cast-off
The white part with the rectangular hole in the middle is the "string" part of her lingerie that you would be using if you intend on having Sonico displayed in lingerie only (essentially cast-off). To use this part, simply slide it onto the rectangular peg on her torso until it rests directly above the ruffles of her lingerie.

Ensure that it rests flush against the lingerie and any awkward gaps should be kept at a minimum. Simply keep pushing against it until it doesn't budge any further.

Most gaps that you see at this stage would be gone when you connect the upper body to the figure. Just remember to attach the garters to the top of the stockings. There are peg holes there to hold the garters in place. 
Do note that the "string" part should not be used in tandem with the "skirt" part.
They have the same rectangular peg hole and a white layer already attached to the top of the "skirt" part to create the top layer of the lingerie. This creates a similar hem effect as the "string" part, but without the strings as they would be hidden by the skirt anyway.

Using the two parts together creates unnecessary bulk (image below) and would result in a gap in the middle of the upper and lower body parts if you do.
If you choose to use the "skirt" part, do note that the flowers on the "skirt" part make it difficult if you were to put the skirt onto the lower body, then attach the upper body down on the peg as well. How I get over this is to actually place the upper body in place above the "skirt" part first, then place that whole part down the peg. 
This allows for easier manipulation to help the upper body fit better in place, and ensuring that the peg hole in the upper body and "skirt" part is properly aligned first.
3. Insert the bouquet
The bouquet comes in three parts: the stems, ribbon, and flowers.
Slide the stems into place between her fingers. Make sure that there is still some green part left above her fingers as that is where the white ribbon will sit at.
Next, simply attach the ribbon, by sliding it into place.
Attaching the flowers is the last step.

And while this may seem rather simple in theory but in practice, it is a little tricky for this figure. You might face some difficulty if you attempt to insert the bouquet only after the hair part is assembled. But, it becomes much easier to manage if you were to put the flower part in place before you attach her back hair part, so I would highly recommend doing it that way instead.
4. Choose the faceplate you prefer
Wedding Sonico comes with two faceplates: an embarrassed smile with her eyes opened (image above), or an expression with closed eyes and pursed lips as she awaits for her wedding kiss (image below).
I prefer the expression with her eyes open as I love the color for her eyes and thus, I will be using that faceplate for the rest of this article. Of course, my assembly instructions below will fit for the other faceplate as well.

5. Assemble her head parts (faceplate + hair)
Slide the faceplate of your choice down the peg at her neck (image above), then press the front hair part into place. In the image below, you can see where the neck peg attached to her faceplate. The faceplate also has a rectangular peghole that attaches to the back hair part. Similarly, her front hair part also has three pegs which would attach to her back hair part.
Press the back hair part into place, while ensuring to exercise caution around the bouquet as the bouquet is supposed to be in between strands of hair.

While the gradient of Sonico's back hair part might seem a little excessive currently, do remember that she still has a veil to put on, and it does even out quite well with the veil on!
 6. Put her veil on
The veil part already comes attached to the flowers and the only thing you have to do here is to attach the two beige pegs on the veil onto the peg holes on the top of Sonico's headphones. It is a very simple procedure and I didn't face any difficulties with this step at all.
With her veil in place, Sonico's head part is now all ready! If you have followed the assembly thus far, you would have a pretty and nicely assembled Wedding Sonico Figure all ready to be displayed! 

Just don't forget to adjust her left hand so she is holding up her skirt instead of just grasping at thin air :) 

~ Reina-rin

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