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Overlooked Anime: Kill Me Baby

If you ever run out of anime to watch, just browse extensively through different websites and such, because you might just come across a gem or some which would leave you murmuring to yourself: Now, how did that pass me by? It certainly helps to be a little more random. Forget about synopses and reviews. Just allow your gut feelings to take over the decision-making process. Even if there could be a slight regret (kindly use that term sparingly), it isn't any difficult to return to the base and continue searching. The anime doesn't have to be sparkling brand new by the way. The downside of watching a brand new series is that you need to wait patiently for the next episode to pop out of somewhere. The best bit of watching (slightly) older anime is that you can simply add them to your list for a mini marathon or something. I've never tried it myself. I suppose it would be wicked to sit through 20 odd episodes for one anime, 30 odd episodes for another, 40 odd episodes for a third...or 366 episodes for Bleach. Well, unless myopia is permanently ruled out of this world, I wouldn't really want to risk anything...although a character wearing glasses is rather kakkoii. Pardon the digression.

I've decided to simply name this post 'Overlooked Anime' for what it represents. First in line is an anime series that isn't too dated. The manga has been around for a much longer time though. Interestingly titled 'Kill Me Baby', the anime adaptation was aired between January 2012 and March 2012 for a total of 13 episodes. The manga which it was based on happens to be four-panel (now haven't most of us seen that term somewhere?). Anyway, 'Kill Me Baby' falls under the same premise as most four-panels; the stories are rather loose and don't really accumulate into anything bigger. In short, don't expect much...well, except for tons of eccentric, sudden laughter-inducing, what-the-fish, and my-pace moments. Oh, the opening and ending theme songs are just as wicked. Definitely loop-worthy!

That said, let's meet the characters. There are four of them...well, three if you ask my honest opinion. First in line is Sonya (no last name given, not that it matters anyway) who is a petite, rather cute blond head attending a high school by day, and a supposed (?) assassin after that (or in the midst of school). Sounds incredulous? The irony goes up several notches once we realise her flaws and such. Also, despite being labelled as an assassin, Sonya never really does kill anything throughout the series. Ironically, the comically violent behaviour she displays is usually towards her classmate and supposed (?) friend Yasuna.

Next, there's Yasuna (or Oribe Yasuna if you like). For some weird reason, Yasuna simply enjoys sticking around Sonya despite knowing her other identity. She is often the butt of her own jokes and pranks, since Sonya is (mostly) far too smart to fall for anything. Yasuna is also oblivious to nearly everything. However, she does come across as genuinely wanting to be a good friend to Sonya which sort of explains her persistence.

Apart from an assassin, there is also a ninja - Goshiki Agiri. Like Sonya, Agiri doesn't seem to fit in her designation. She has a slow and overly relaxed approach to things. She seems to enjoy teasing Yasuna with her weird, self-proclaimed ninjutsu (since Yasuna is oblivious to a lot of stuff). Surprisingly, Agiri is usually within close proximity whenever Yasuna and Sonya are faced with difficult situations.

There is this fourth and last character who is simply called 'Unused Character'. Nope, you didn't see that wrongly. That's really the character's name! Almost nothing else is known about her since she is unused.

My most favourite bits from the anime have to be the opening and ending theme songs. The voice actresses behind Sonya and Yasuna's voices had lent their vocals to both songs. A word of advice: Just don't think of anything while listening to those songs. You will be more sane that way.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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