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Modern day fashion: Dress like a samurai

When you mention Japan to an otaku, they will only think of anime, games, manga and figures. Otakus easily forget that Japan, if anything, is about fashion. So I was reading casually about how samurai chic was making its way back into the fashion scene. It was one small article and I thought nothing of it. But then I found two other separate articles and thought, hey if you buy all three, you can really look like a modern day samurai! So let's start with the history of how a samurai dresses. 

A complex 20 step illustration of preparing for battle, starting with the undergarment all the way to armour, But for this article, you require only the knowledge of three items, the haori, the shitagi and the hakama.

Trove is a Japanese fashion brand that has been around for centuries. And that explains the hefty pricetag. Both the navy wool and the ventile haori will cost 29700 yen! But there are cheaper options.

This looks just like any cotton T-shirt. But its actually a shitagi. Made by Kyoto-based Kimono Factory nono, its authetic and you can actually use it as one like so.

The neckline is adjustable for any weather. And it only costs 6480 yen, affordable. 

Kokichi's hakama was the one that didn't fit so well. From a distance it looks modern.

Up close though it looks strange and hard to match.

Tuck out your shirt and it looks ok again

At 7800 yen, Kokichi is the only brand that is considering international orders. If you are considering getting everything, please send in what you look like with the whole set. 

Written by Don

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