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「Mobage」 Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth]

Tokyo Ghoul [:re birth] is a game where you can collect both ghoul and human characters and participate in many different types of events that are mentioned in the series as well, such as dispatches and incidents. In addition, there are new archetypes that are localized for the game version as well, such as strikes and raids.
There are help pages that help the players differentiate between the different events. One of the more interesting events that I notice would be strikes. Players are placed into either Team Human or Team Ghoul and players can dispatch characters to different wards where they can battle. The winning team will gain control of the ward and acquire territory points.
There are quite a number of items that can be used for leveling and improving your characters. These are mentioned in a help page where they explain more about the use of all the different items.
For the game, Haise would be your mentor and would guide your through the tutorial and some of the remaining parts of the game after.
Fighting is based on a front-back basis and you can always swap in the front and back characters, and thus have up to six different characters in your team that you can switch to and fro and get more turns that way. Each card has a different number of turns.

Enemies come out in waves and the game simply runs in a turn-based basis.

There are extra points to note about this game, and one of it is the weapon durability meter. When it reaches zero, defense will fall to zero as well and all their abilities will be nullified. In addition, more critical hits will be incurred during this window.

Hence, it is therefore crucial to try to bring the enemies' weapon durability meter down to zero, especially if you are facing a tough opponent (i.e. target, otherwise known as a boss).
When you scout for a new card, you would have a cut scene whereby you would be brought into the CCG database, where you will go through all the files. Files of different colors contain different rarities, with yellow being SR and rainbow being a SSR.

The same cutscene is used regardless of whether it is simply one single scout or a 10-roll, and furthermore, the sequence cannot be skipped, making it a little tedious to go through.
There were plenty of events when I tried this game out, along with many different banners to scout in. Some of these also give different rates and cards, so be sure to check the banner before you scout. 
The price of Kaku gems, which are used for scouting, is on the high side, but not completely unreasonable. It's rather similar to Love Live's price and with experience, I'll suggest for you to save your money and pass on these intangible purchases.
One last awesome thing about this game that I'll like to point out would be that it seems there is a lot of story content. You can play through the usual story of Tokyo Ghoul and/or Tokyo Ghoul :re, and after you've completed the former, you can play root A as well.

I'm unsure if it meets the manga's awesome standards or remain similar to the sub-par anime sequence, but in either case, it seems like you would be able to spend a lot of time indulging in the story and build-up of this game.
 ~ Reina-rin

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