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Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008

For far too long, Southeast Asian pop-culture fans have been denied a platform – made by fans, for fans – through which they could collectively celebrate their passion for toys, comics, animation, gaming, design and Cosplay. If you have been feeling an overbearing sense of emptiness because of this, we can tell you that 2008 will see a major turnaround. Having heard your cries for help, PI Events, along with the Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau, A Group of the Singapore Tourism Board, have come to save the day!

Blasting off on 27 – 29 June 2008, the first-ever Singapore Toy & Comic Convention will see an annual onslaught of toys (general and designer), comics, animation, gaming, design, licensing and Cosplay on creative minds from all over the world, serving up an eye-popping visual feast and unprecedented variety and innovation in all the closely-related industries!

With the undeniable universal appeal of pop-culture, the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention will be a hotspot for a wide variety of exhibitors from all over the world, bringing the best that the East and West have to offer in one single, fun-filled event.

Boasting the world’s most up-to-date advancements and cutting-edge products that you so desperately crave, the indisputable international flavour of the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention will make the event a major vehicle for setting the tone and shaping trends in pop-culture for years to come.

(*Do Click pics to enlarge)

To-Fu Kubrick TIY Kit by Devilrobots
The To-Fu Kubrick set gives you the ability to design your own To-Fu Kubrick! Comes with 100% White To-Fu Kubrick, 50% White To-Fu Kubrick and a mini sharpie for you drawing delight!

*Pics from Toys Convention 2008 at Suntec
The Diamond Comics Previews Exclusive Red Edition Grabbit is the latest TOUMA figure produced by Play Imaginative and features his signature teethy grin. This new super red glossy version is available exclusively through Previews catalog. Grabbit comes boxed and will be limited to 300 pieces. The vinyl figure comes marked with serial number, and includes a mini art print by Touma, a certificate of authenticity and removable shoes.

The Creator of Touma taking the trouble to draw cartoons at every guest's request....
(siting on the table is the 18 in SKUTTLE from Touma)

Play Imaginative Limited Edition Touma Squeezel. The 9" tall piece is from Touma and has an enormous tail that resembles a hand with two thumbs.



The price range of these Designer Toys?........ SGD180 to 230 ea. Not cheap.... You need a very deep pocket to collect them.

Firebone Fly. It glows......... ! I got one for SGD30! Horay!!!!!!!Glow in dark original colourway!
Why do firebonfly larvae on Monsterism Island have the ability to produce light. The behavioural function of the larval light has received considerable speculation amongst many monstroligical societies and experts. However, the most generally accepted hypothesis is that firebonefly larvae use their luminescence es as a warning signal.

Communicating to potential predators that they taste evil because they have defensive chemicals in their tails. These larvae also increase both the intensity and frequency of their glow when disturbed, angered or prodded with a stick.
Not all firebonefly species are bioluminescent as adults, but of the species that are, one or both sexes use to species specific flash pattern to attract a member of the opposite sex.

These bioluminescent signals can take the form of anything from continuous glow, to discrete single flashes, to "psyche-outs" composed of mind bending multi-pulsed flashing rythums. 



...more toys from Tokidoki





Coming up next... Giant exhibitions from Lego.

This one looks like the Singapore Merlion and Singapore Flyer.

Unmistakeably the World's reknown Singapore Changi Airport! ..........Lovely!

I love the the Castle and the Chess Pieces. Lego still produces innovative creations with high quality pieces after all these years.......


Is he the Ah-Meng from Singapore Zoo?



An event is never complete without such Capsule Stations.





Lotsa of Designer Toys! High Quality in terms of workmanship + Creativity = Not Cheap!


Attack from the Galaxy! A force to be reckoned with!
Simply Toys was one of the exhibitors.




I was quite impressed by the elaborate setting of this racing machine called the D-Box. Ok, first of all, there are not 1, but 3 giant 42" LCD screens capturing the images of the racing game. Together with the surround speakers, it gives you the intoxicating pump of adrenaline rushing towards your body as you accelerate towards 300km/hr. With its realistic Momo steering wheel, metallic gear shift and foot pedals and even Bride seats, you won't even wanna get up to answer your door for pizza! Not cheap I you will need a room for this. :)





That conclude my coverage of the Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008. Thanks for reading.


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