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Halloween 2018 "Spookalicious 3" with Kakichan The Oyster

October is my favorite month of the year as it is the season of the creepy crawlies or what some local people called the "English Ghost" month. The culture is so westernized that it takes a bit of time for people to embrace and celebrate, particularly the business owners whom are Chinese. I'm a Chinese but I'm super fond of Halloween, ever since I was intoxicated by the thrills and the spectacle of Horror Nights and Spooktacular since 2010.

I have my own version of Halloween in the form of illustration. Let's call it "Spookalicious" and it's the 3rd edition this year. You can find in here the previous "Spookalicious 1" and "Spookalicious 2". But first, here are some throwback photos of Sentosa Spooktacular which took place in October 2012.

 Angela and myself at the entrance of Sentosa Spooktacular. 

We had to pass by a cemetery filled by blue gas-emitting graveyards (They are partly to be blamed for global warming, not just humans).

While queuing, we saw a hanging body (hopefully that thing isn't alive). Of all the ghosts and ghouls in the world, what creeps me the most is a Chinese woman in plain white clothes and long hair. Nothing scares the shit out of me compared to a lifeless Chinese lady ghost. What about you? Anyway, the atmosphere was eerie, saved from the many human bodies around to keep one another warm.

I took a photo with what seemed to be a mummy-zombie. Poor half-dead was beated up badly by humans with batons and melees. He could barely stand straight. Hats-off to these scare artists! They are there to entertain us, trying hard not to smile or laugh in the midst of doing so. I saw people got frightened and in their reflexes, punched these artists. Please control your emotions. Yes, offer to take welfies with them, they are just like cosplayers in ghoul form.

So back to Spookalicious 3 which I was talking about.
I made a Kakichan the Oyster rendition wallpaper and here's the sketch. 
From the bottom left to right, Kakichan as Chinese Buns (and seller), The Mummy, The Sleeping Pirate, The Floating Ghost, The Count Dracula and finally Kakichan as the Bee-Bat. In October every year, Amami Kisa's (Queen Bee) blue bee wings is transformed into bat wings and Kakichan takes this character.

I drew some pictures outside for our illustrator Shirielise to better understand and render into digital artwork.

The digital outline of Spookalicious 3.

The completed coloured versions done by our illustrator Shirielise.

So what's with the Chinese Buns? The idea was from this...

Isn't that cute? I hope it wasn't too hot inside and there are rotating shifts. Luckily she didn't snap and chew my finger off?

Hope you like those wallpapers. Do download and save to your computer to spice up the Halloween mood. Also the black-and-white digital outline can be printed out and pass to your kids for colouring. I find A5 size to be the most appropriate size for colouring. ^^

Happy Halloween.

Written by Max

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