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「Mobage」Showa Candy Shop 2

I have always been a huge fan of this series where you play as an older grandmother running a shop, in this case, a candy shop. 

Set in the Showa Era, the grandmother's child got into a huge argument with the grandfather (who doesn't appear in the game at all) and has left home to become a mangaka in Tokyo and has never returned since. The storyline about the son unfolds as you play the game and receive letters from him.

A brief run of how the story with the son goes, he seldom writes home much after leaving for Tokyo as he is tied up with work, but does so when there are instances when he has something to tell his family... or when he gets an award, so he can show the grandfather that he made the right choice in leaving for Tokyo.

He was trying to make it big in the treacherous industry which does not pay well for their efforts. His submissions are not considered good and no matter how hard he tries, his works are not featured in magazines. He finally reaches his breaking point when someone younger than him gets the spot he was vying for, then tells him that his manga is boring. When he finally wrote home regularly at the end, he has already given up on his dream.

With regards to the gameplay, as the name suggests, it is a game modeled after a candy store, so anyone who has watched Dagashi Kashi, or know how Japanese sweet shops work in the rural area will know how sales in this place works out. If you don't, it is basically just waiting in the store for kids to come by and choose the dagashi which they want to purchase and buy it.

In addition to that, the game also has a gacha system where you play a capsule game to get collectibles.

You DO NOT have to spend any real currency to get the needed materials to play the capsule game, and you can only earn it by picking up "treasures" at the backyard of your shop, such as those glowing cardboard boxes that you see in the image below. When you click on them, blue tokens fall from it and these tokens can then be used to roll the capsule.

There is no added advantage to these gacha items, other than a trip down memory lane.

But the main point of this game is restocking the shop with dagashi and attracting children, especially since some children only appear on some days of the week or come only when you have different types of dagashi in stock... or both. If you want to get all the children in game on your album/catalog, you will need to have some plan for gameplay. If you are only here for the letters, you may pass with lack of planning and just the same repeated play style.

As you can see, the above image illustrates some of the different types of dagashi that you can restock your shop with and the time stamp shows how long these dagashi will last till you need to restock them again. The game will run in the background but of course, if you have no dagashi, there will be no children attracted to it.

However, as this is a relaxing and serene game, the children will not leave even if you happen to run out of dagashi, just that you will not get coins to use to buy more dagashi. Unless you are really gung-ho on being 100% efficient, there's no harm in taking it easy with this game, logging in once or twice a day only, like I did.

Oh and I love the music in this series because it's so calming.

I have played all the games in this series and I have just downloaded the newest one to the addition, which is still fully in Japanese.

If you are on for a sad and realistic storyline of a grandmother spending her time alone, pining for her children to come back to her... I highly recommend this series to you!

~ Reina-rin

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