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Figure Unboxing and Review: Shinkai Shoujo Hatsune Miku

Shinkai Shoujo, otherwise known as Deep Sea Girl, is a figure inspired from a song by the same name by Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. This figure resembles how she looks in the PV of the song, both her attire and thick curly hairstyle. The figure as well as the base is made to resemble the ocean floor so as to bring back the atmosphere of the song, slightly lonely and melancholic yet still very hopeful.

Let's take a closer look at the figure in several different areas.


The box is made from full cardboard and is quite sturdy for a figure inside of it. There are no windows on the box but a full colored image of the figure is printed directly on the front of the box and the color palette and angle of the picture makes it very eye-catching. Other side profiles of Miku are also printed on the other sides of the box.

She is properly packaged in a tight blister in the box and the next picture would show a clearer view of what's in the blister as this image above is too dark.

As you can see, she comes with a main figure, her base and two coral pieces. Do note that her twintails are actually not connected directly to her head yet and each piece is quite heavy. There is an instruction sheet that actually covers how you should put them in place - in which order and which peg goes where.


 As you can see, the base is actually quite simple without the corals in place yet. There are quite a few peg holes and these are for the corals and Miku herself.

There is an instruction sheet in the box which gives clear instructions on what goes where. Since this figure is by Good Smile Company, it actually has both an English and Japanese version so I shall not go into details about how to assemble this unless someone actually needs the help there.

Do note that one of the pegs is for the draping part of Miku's black dress so be sure that you don't miss that out when you put the figure on the base. As there are no pegs for Miku to attach to the base other than the one for her dress and hair, it is essential that these pegs are in place so you minimize the chance of your figure slipping when moving it/her around. 

The corals will come with these two teal bits in the peg holes. Be sure to remove the teal parts first, then place the coral onto the respective pegs on the base.


And here is the eternal beauty, Hatsune Miku! The volume of her hair is really stunning in this figure and it closes all the empty spaces on the base around her.

The image above shows the figure without the corals while the image below shows the full figure with all the available accessories. You will notice that the pink corals really do add a splash of color to the figure!

 A simple 360 of the figure to showcase how she looks in different views and angles.

Most of what you see is her hair and although it takes up so much space and covers so much of the figure, it actually doesn't take much away from the figure at all. Each lock of hair has its own movement and winds in a different way against the different locks of hair, and this holds the figure well together and even creates its own dynamism!

The flow of her dress is also another epic point of this figure. It's just a simple black dress but the amount of effort the sculptor put into the different folds of the dress to make it look like there's actual wind movement, or in this case, water current, flarin the dress out is really nice.

It ties in together with the movement of her hair and also adds in another touch of realism and movement that contrasts well against how still Miku herself looks in this figure.

As some angles, her skirt looks like it's flaring upward but you actually can't see anything you aren't supposed to unless you flip her around so if you are against that, rest assured.

Using the same image above, I would like to point out that the pose which Miku is taking makes it look as if she's praying or just daydreaming about her love/sun in general, which makes it really inspiring to look at when you have a bad day.

A point which I feel that most people leave out when reviewing this figure would be her toes. Both her legs have her toes sculpted in different ways, and both are actually realistic and one would be doing the same if they are keeping their legs angled and lifted like hers.

However, one point which I don't like about the figure is that the divide between her bangs and the rest of her hair is too obvious when you are looking from the top. It's not really a huge factor and one's hair would probably look like that when tied up but somehow it does irk me a little.

Here is how she looks from the back and you can see the single spaghetti strap of her dress from the back very well. I really like how a simple dress can look so cute and unique in the PV and I'm amazed at how well it is captured in the figure as well.

I do consider this as one of the better figures and given it's price point and high demand previously, resulting in a re-release, I would say that she's well-worth the price for both enjoyment and/or investment purposes.

Written by Reina

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