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KidZ & Heritage at KidZania Singapore

KidZania is a venue where all of your senses play a keyrole both for the adults and children. They explore this mini-town escapade; a paradise to unleash their inner talents, creativeness and to be part of the adult universe. They gain educational background of individual systems sponsored by the actual companies. The little ones are allowed to play pretend by the given role from individual stations on both lower and upper floor that the building boasts. 

Anyone young at heart would enjoy being a part of the KidZania crew as they join in the adventure alongside their little counterparts. Parents are seen hovering close-by with camera constantly flashing as the children put on their "adult pants" and managing odd jobs. As a first timer, you watch the surrounding with wide eyes, and soaking in the boisterous atmosphere.


After Max had given me a short briefing of the establishment, it was my turn to run amok with my camera as well as take in the lively atmosphere. Out of nowhere, the shrieking of a siren caught me off guard when a mini vehicle with bold letters etched on the side "AMBULANCE" driven by an adult inches forth as another makes sure the pathway is safe for everyone else. To my amazement, I spotted a group of children riding at the back of the ambulance. Each of them were dressed in paramedic attire acquiring a serious expression at the ready to hop off and rescue the "victim" or digesting information given by the friendly staff.

Enthusiastic parents walked along the vehicle to watch their offspring living off their dream. Amidst them, I was tagging along to stand at the sideline and tune in to their teaching. It was truly inspiring to witness these new generation embracing a pretense of their fabricated universe. If only KidZania existed during our era, it would have been a blast and as for myself, a tug of war with my parents. 

A miniature version of Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Off they go, do you see little bopping heads behind? 

Situated at the SCDF section, a bright fiery-red truck was parked as well. Everyone of us have a fascination to be able to take a joyride in these big beast. Youngsters gathered at the area donning matching coats while waiting to zoom off. Off to put out fire at the make-shift hotel and these young firefighters caused an adorable commotion.

Children's version of Dr. Who dimension

Peeking through different windows, my excitement rises higher as I envisioned myself trinkled by the various devices such as: being a radio VJ for KISS 92FM. As a teenager from the 2000s, it was my dream to be Radio Presenter to chat in crisp English Language behind the microphone and announce chart-topping songs from across the globe. And to invite celebrities over to my talk show. Although this was the closest to reliving my fantasy.

In KidZania, the kids are allowed to play the role of either a Radio Presenter or a Technical Assistant; they bust out acclaimed hit music or serve the listeners ground-breaking news. At the same time, they are educated on what happens behind the scene. They play an important role so that the radio programmes run smoothly without any hiccups.

For this "KidZ & Heritage" event, there are fringe activities around the city that shine a spotlight on Singapore’s founding and development, such as a ‘Heritage Photo Booth by Canon Singapore’, travelling around the City in a Trishaw, a ‘History of Singapore Trivia Hunt’, and the "Colouring activity by Milkcananime", which features some of the old heritage games and buildings of Singapore. Children and parents can take one of these colouring sheets and use their creativity to bring the drawing to life! And only a few feet away, kawaii anime merchandises laid neatly on a booth caught my attention. And our artist Max was busy shuffling between his booth and supervising the kids in the colouring. Such activities further enhance the visitors' experience in KidZania.

Our artist/founder Max Wong attempted to colour the artpiece

Time for lunch? KidZania boasts several stops to appease your rumbling belly, in my case, Pizza Hut was my next stop. A cluster of people hogged the front window when my curiosity led me over that space just then, a group of youngsters were standing in row adjacent to spacious metal table. They were being trained diligently to create pizza! Once again, my jaw dropped low a twinge of regret that I was not part of this generation. Mind you, cleanliness is a requirement which they have to go through meticulously.

Masterchef at the making

Amazingly, the pizza was perfectly done. For safety reason, the kids were not allowed anywhere close to the oven. 

Yakult facility

They are so invested during the lesson 

Future scientist in the making

KidZania has interactive facilities for everyone, including several cafe-theme restrooms equipped with Wifi. Everyone who visited KidZania seemed to be happy and satisfied. I certainly enjoyed the time spent beneath the sky-theme rooftop and learning that this place was more than just a play-time for the children. At the end of the day, they leave home further acquainted with knowledge. 

The KidZania Post where you can publish a heritage-theme story as a journalist 

A little girl applying make-up while the mother sits back to view her gleeful child swirling blusher on the apple of her cheeks

A replica of the Peranakan Museum 

Parents, be prepared for your kids to be rocked off their socks and drag you along for the ride conjured from their fantasy world in KidZania!

From now to 21 April, families can enjoy and learn about Singapore's progress and achievements as part of KidZania Singapore's inaugural KidZ & Heritage event.

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