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Figure review: Fate/Extella Link Gilgamesh

Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've shared a figure of mine. Today's star is Gilgamesh from the super popular Fate series, and this is the version from Fate/Extella Link. As you all might have heard, this particular game entry is a hack-and-slash sort, so I was surprised that they chose this outfit and pose for him. However, there are visual novel aspects in the game, and his battle outfits have already been well-represented in the other games of the Fate franchise, so I am quite happy to be able to obtain a softer Gilgamesh.
One of the reasons why I wanted to get this particular figure is my love for tigers. They are my favourite animal and here Gilgamesh is hanging out with not just one but two adorable tiger cubs!
 As you can see, Gilgamesh appears to be enjoying his time with them as well. This figure turned out to be smaller than I had expected, and I'm not very impressed in the facial detailing, particularly the eyes. While the flatness is expected as they are generally decals, the lack of highlights in his iris is quite unnerving.
Details-wise, there are some areas done better than others. While the hair detail is average, the folds on his clothing are sculpted and shaded nicely.
The tiger cubs are well-painted as well for such a small scale; although I found some of the markings messy, I did appreciate the individual strokes that helps mimic soft fluffy fur.

Another thing I like about this figure is that it doesn't require a base and looks good from every angle! Even from this "front" view, it looks like he's leaning against the wall in a relaxed manner.
Overall, I am quite satisfied with this figure as a fan of Gilgamesh and tigers! However, it is not very value for money as it was smaller than I had expected and the details were not very fine as well. If you prefer the "usual" Gilgamesh, there is a large selection of other versions to choose from.

Written by Nana

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