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Alien Hunter 4 - Amaya Nagi

Since I last created Alien Hunter No.3, I took a hiatus for almost a year to design the next Alien Hunter.The break was deliberate to allow fans to familiarize with our girls. Following Yuumi, Amami Kisa (Queen Bee) and Asuka Rie, the new Alien Hunter 4 girl named Amaya Nagi joins the team of gorgeous and moe-looking warriors. Her birthday is on 2 May 1994.

Designed by Max Wong. Illustrated by Resident Illustrator Gaby

Amaya stands at 1.7m tall, 52kg, 34C-25-33. I designed a set of attire for her, playing with sharp edges and lines. You will see two "4" designs in her attire (belt and top of her blouse), depicting Alien Hunter 4. So far most of my OCs either wear skirts or pants so this time I designed shorts for her, much like what Lara Croft wears in Tomb Raider. But while Lara has 2 pistols, Amagi is equipped with some serious kick-ass weaponry. Attached to her right thigh is a set of twin Cannon Guns, capable of taking down tanks, not to mention Aliens. On her left hand is a intuitive metallic arm piece which activates a kaiju-slicing Laser Sword (Don't mess with Amaya).

                                                            Designed by Max Wong.  Illustrated by Resident Illustrator Gaby

Unfortunately, Amaya doesn't have a lot of friends because of her strong nature and fearsome capability. And it says in her name:
雨夜・薙 (Amaya Nagi) 

雨(あま) 夜(や) 
(Ama) (ya)
雨- kanji for rain, it is a lonesome feeling as usually rain depicts lonely and sombre.

夜- kanji for night. Similar to the rain kanji, night also usually depicts lonely, alone, quiet time etc. The opposite of the bright day.

薙 (なぎ) 
A kanji that includes the meaning of mowing down the enemy, to knock someone off their feet. (なぎたおす)

Do download the following Amaya Nagi illustrations as wallpapers to your desktop or mobile.

                                                               Designed by Max Wong. Illustrated by Resident Illustrator Gaby

Hope you like our 4th Alien Hunter, Amaya Nagi. 

Designed by Max Wong

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