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「Book Review」WORKING!!: Official Fanbook

Although www.Working is the original of this series, there is something about Working!! that is much better than the original. Thus, although I watch both, I can never bring myself to purchase www.Working goods instead of Working!!

This time, I'm back with an official art book of Working!! and this is one of the items I found on my latest trip to Tokyo. I've finally set aside enough time to truly appreciate this book~ And as usual, I will not be showing all the pages in the book but enough to give a brief idea of all the sections and what each contains.

Without further ado, let's begin!
This is the front cover of the book. We see Inami and Popura in full-size while the others in the case are in chibi form. This is the main bulk of the cast but I still feel strange not seeing Yamada's brother and Nazuna inside. Not to mention... I really want to see a chibi form of Kotori too!
The back of the book with strawberries. Each drawing of the strawberry is actually really detailed and a pleasure to look at! They are also made from a different material from the book, with a hint of gloss on them. Maybe it's a link to parfaits?

Removing the cover piece reveals the main book itself. There's a comic strip on both the front and the back sides. It's a unique hidden surprise! Though, I always keep my book wrapped so I'll probably never be able to read this page again until the day I decide to unwrap it.
The first page in the book shows the whole main cast. The several pages next show them in different outfits and themes as well. An example is below:
The next few pages gradually move on to more solo and pairing related artwork. We also start seeing a little more eroi fanwork that gives a lot of fanservice.

 Yes, Kotori. Yes.

Next up are the key frames. You'll see a colored image on top and the line-art of the image on the next panel. I love their choices for these key frames (they're hilarious) and I generally just fancy genga art, so it's two birds with one stone!

And being partially a promotional book, this comes with food-related notices. This is one of the cafes serving food that's linked with the characters in the series... kind of like the Animate cafes.
After the food corner, we get character introductions, but quite frankly, it's more of a seiyuu introduction. I have Takahashi (and Ono Daisuke) as an example of what is shown. I love how they sign on plates... it gives a very family-restaurant feel to the whole autograph.
We also have background sketches which tells how everything is organized spatially as well as character sketches to showcase the designs. This might come in handy for artists!

And lastly, to end it off, we have a short comic strip spanning several pages. I have only shown one page here as an example.
Would I buy this book?
If given the choice, yes, mainly because I love Working!! The insert images chosen in the book really shows the atmosphere in the series really well too. However, I wouldn't recommend the book if you aren't a fan of the series, especially if you have never watched the series. Though, if you love art of cute girls and food, this might just be the book for you!

~ Reina-rin

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