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Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage (Deresute) Transform Your Favorite Cute Cards Into Figures

To All,

Today I would be sharing some of my favorite cards for this series, and those that I think their outfits and poses are well-defined enough to be made into awesome new figures for the series! In fact, I have not chosen some of the better ones as they have already been made into figures!

If you do follow my Games posts, I have a similar post for Love Live!

A little background about Deresute, it is actually a rhythm game filled with RNG. A little similar to the ever-popular Love Live! School Idol Festival (LLSIF) but rest assured that there are differences which would set the two apart. Actually, I have posted a previous article about this application when I first started it and you can read more about Deresute here!

So now, let's get started with the Cute idols!

Shimamura Uzuki
Who can resist figures of their girls in wedding dresses? Especially since Love Live! wedding line didn't become a thing, sadly.

The details of the folds of the material bunching around her waist would make this outfit into one of the best wedding figures out in the market, if the company taking her on manages to sculpt and paint her well!
This will turn out to be an amazing figure if the platform that she is on is made into the same figure as her base. However, I would feel that something is missing if the light-sticks of the fans below aren't a part of the figure too, which is nearly... impossible, hence this will remain as my second best possible figure.

There's something about Shimamu in a maid costume that I feel would set her apart from all the other maid figures already out in the market. Moreover, the frilly pattern and design of the fringe of her apron gives her an additional cute boost!

Maekawa Miku
Many things about this figure conveniently reminds me of all the idolized Sonoda Umi (Love Live! School Idol Festival) UR cards. Perhaps, it's the couch, perhaps it is the lighting. However, Miku has a more seductive feeling here than in Umi's cards and I feel that that is enough to set them apart.

Also, I feel that Miku's outfit is really pretty here -- in the sense that purple actually matches her more than I initially thought it would. If this is ever made into a figure, I'm looking forward to it!

Kohinata Miho
As a fan of traditional clothes, there is of course no way I could ever say no to this.  The pretty background complements the details in her outfit, especially the print. Her hair ornament also matches the Spring theme perfectly and allows any viewer to immerse into the festive feels alongside Miho!

Mimura Kanako
The same thing goes for Kanako, as my love for Kimono expands to Yukata as well, even if they are the Yukata dress forms instead of the traditional Yukata. This is especially with the recent craze on the Angelic Angel outfit for the Love Live! girls.

Blue was a color that I didn't thought would suit Kanako... Sorry that I'm stuck on pink for cute idols, blue for cool and yellow or orange for passion. However, this outfit and the colors remind me of winter, which is my favorite season of the year!

Ogata Chieri
The prints on her yukata, the details on the hand fan and the way the obi is tied all ties this figure together into a cute Chieri figure which I would definitely love to spend next summer with!
The bright colors from the flowers are perfect complements for her white wedding dress, making this simple one-color outfit into one that is dynamic and simply gorgeous.

Squatting figures are quite rare nowadays, especially simple squatting figures in casual clothes instead of lewd attires. This card brings out the innocent and soft-spoken side of Chieri, silently appreciating the world around her.

Futaba Anzu
The outfit and pose Anzu has here just makes me want to draw her into a tight hug! Ah, this must be the feeling of happiness~
The gradient of the shading on Anzu's dress here is extremely pretty and if this shading style could be employed onto a figure of her, I definitely wouldn't mind purchasing it!

And that concludes this post on my top cards for the Cute idols in Deresute. Do let me know if there are any which we share the same interest in! Stay tuned for the posts on the Cool and Passion idols next!

From Your Fellow Gamer,

Written by Reina-rin

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