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Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster

Fuwa Mahiro, a teenager whose family was mysteriously murdered a year ago, is contacted by Kusaribe Hakaze, a young woman who stands against her clan since they left her stranded on a deserted island. As the two decide to help each other, Hakaze's quest to oppose her clan brings to light that the Kusaribe clan intends to awaken the "Tree of Zetsuen" whose power can bring chaos upon the entire world. - Anime News Network
My take on this: We have a teen who is hell-bent on revenge, a dead sister, a powerful mage who becomes useless because she's stuck on an island, a bad guy who wants to awaken a bad tree that will destroy the world, creepy rituals to awaken said tree, and another teen who gets pulled into all of this mess. Sounds like the making of a good story, no?

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