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D Gray Man

Do u watch D grayman?
The protagonist of this story is without a doubt, Allen Walker. Abandoned by his parents because of his deformed left arm when he was young, he was adopted by Mana Walker, a clown. When Mana Walker was killed, Allen tried to bring him back to life with the help of the Millennium Earl, but Mana was turned into an Akuma instead. Akuma are machines which has a human soul attached to it, and created by the Millennium Earl to kill humans. Just then, Allen's left arm has a life on its own and began to attack the Akuma Mana Walker. Despite Allen's attempts to stop it, Mana Walker was destroyed, but Mana cursed Allen, causing Allen to have the ability to see the souls trapped inside of the Akuma. Later, Allen became the disciple of General Cross Marian from the Black Order to be trained to become an Exorcist, as Allen's arm has an ancient substance Innocence, which has the power to destroy Akuma. Allen is firm in his belief to save people as well as the Akuma. He has the parasitic type of Innocence, whereby Innocence is part of his body, left arm. (Seen here as a Pin)

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