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Judge Manga Live Action

Tis the season for the morbid among us to frolic or maybe its just the kind of things I look for online. We have sat through the thoroughly entertaining Dangan Ronpa and recently familiarized ourselves with the horrifying Magnum Opus that Pupa is (If you enjoy watching a random writer suffer a wordy mental breakdown you can read the article here).
If you’ve been enjoying this rather morbid spree of horror and death games and dread its end, fear not. Because as of November, there will be new fodder for you to enjoy.
You horrible horrible person.
Enter Judge, a live action film set to open 8th November this year. Judge tells the story of nine strangers locked in a deserted area. All nine have committed some sort of unforgivable sin in their lives and they are forced to elect one of their number to die every 12 hours until only four remain. Claustrophobia and paranoia within the dirty, dingy complex the characters are locked in forms the underlying current of this story, giving rise to some convincing plot twists and aiding solid storytelling

The live action film stars Seto Koji (Kamen Rider Kiva) and Kasumi Arimura (Starman)

Seto Koji

Kasumi Arimura

Those who have read the manga will certainly approach the live-action adaptation with equal amounts skepticism and excitement because while we all love to see our beloved manga rendered in flesh. There is still a niggling sense of worry that something will go wrong. Perhaps a wax-smothered, badly-styled wig, or even worse, an actor who has absolutely no grasp of the essence of the character he plays.

Making things worse, the live-action film cuts the number of main characters down from nine to seven, giving rise to some voices of dissent.

As if to allay our fears Judge’s official Youtube channel released the first 298 seconds. You can watch them here.

First 88 Seconds

Next 99 Seconds

Next 111 Seconds

The opening moments seem wonderfully raw and visceral, many times adopting a surveillance camera’s point of view, reiterating the fact that our participants are being watched. Blow it up to full screen and turn your headphones up, this thing can raise a few hairs.

While I seem to have an in-built aversion for live-action films, and it is also a little too early to decide whether this will be a good film or not. It certainly seems promising enough. So if death games are your things, this might be for you.

Are you a horrible person who relishes in the darker niches of Japanese media productions? I sure am, and this has been a good month, a very good month indeed and it is about to get better.

Written By Ash

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