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My Cosfest 2019 Loot!

Hey sistas!

As some of you may know, Cosfest 2019 had just come to a close last weekend. Just as some background information for those unfamiliar with this event, Cosfest is an international cosplay convention in Singapore that’s been running for over 16 years in Singapore (if I’m not wrong). It’s now one of the most renowned cosplay conventions in Asia and held annually at D’Marquee, Downtown East, so if you’ve missed it this year, no worries because you can always give it a go next year!

This year was actually my virgin experience going to Cosfest and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and quality of the merchandise sold. Of course Cosfest isn’t as big as Doujima, which I went for earlier this year and had much greater international representation, but nevertheless, the environment was definitely pretty vibrant. There were throngs of people decked out in their cosplay costumes and a lineup of performances by various interest groups (although sorry to say, some were definitely very cringe-worthy, but that’s a story for another time, read: never to be told).

Although Cosfest serves as a safe space for people to showcase their costumes and mingle with like-minded individuals within the Singaporean anime community, my cousin and I went there mainly to buy fan artists’ merchandise. In fact, we were so hardcore about it that we actually made a Google Doc prior to going to the event with our hastily-compiled research on the different artists and booths that were going to be there (we are the epitome of true anime trash).

Sadly, I didn’t really take any pictures of the event itself, because I was too overwhelmed by the sea of people and on the lookout for merch, but what I did take were pictures of my entire loot from Cosfest. Thus begins yet another self-indulgent post where I ramble on about my personal fantasies and obsessions! 

Okay so first off, I bought Bakusquad and Tododeku prints. I actually swept the entire convention twice with my cousin and still somehow managed to miss these precious gems until my friend told me about them, so of course with my complete lack of fiscal discipline, I went back for a third round just to blow my cash. Also, I just wanted to say that the Tododeku print was probably my most treasured purchase of the day because I am completely in love with the ship and this was everything I could ever have dreamed of. 

Speaking of BNHA, I bought a bunch of miscellaneous items, mostly consisting of stickers and keychains. The sticker pack with the entire main cast was exceptionally cute and my friend and cousin also immediately bought them as well. Also, the “midoriyaki” and “takoyaki” stickers were sold at a relatively secluded booth in an area that some people might have easily missed out because it wasn’t under the main tent, but they were SO. ADORABLE. The Kaminari and Todoroki keychains were an instant buy for me too because they were in a Pokemon crossover and I guess I’m just a goner for both things. 

Here are some more random prints I got. Fun fact: the Oikawa one was one of my first few purchases and the shop didn’t have a non-translucent bag for me to store it so I had to sheepishly make my way around with a picture of a very hot, half-naked man. 

I especially loved the Todoroki notepad because I like cute merch that is also actually useful. Guess my friends will be receiving notes from me on that paper for a while. The Todoroki pin was super cute too (random note: there was so much merch of him slurping soba, not complaining though) although enamel pins were probably the most expensive of all the merch there because of the material and customization. 

Special mention to my Kurapika and Leorio prints! The girl mending the booth was also a fellow Leopika fan and immediately noticed my Kurapika shirt when I approached the booth so obviously I had to give her my money right? Also while you’re reading this, remember to stan Leopika.

Here are some more random stickers I bought of Ghibli characters, Hunter x Hunter characters and Pokemon. The Pokemon gachapon stickers were super high quality and cute (they have a matte finish) and the guy was really nice. I wanted to buy his whole shop really, but homegirl was broke.

This artist sold really cute sticker packs from a number of shows besides Kuroko no Basuke and Shokugeki no Soma (e.g. The Promised Neverland, Pokemon) but I decided to get these two because the respective anime were quite under-represented and I hardly ever see their merch + anything cute just gets a yes from me.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find more Bungou Stray Dogs merch because it’s such a great yet underrated anime (everyone please do go watch it, it’s the best). The Shin Soukoku sticker was something I never knew I needed in my life. 

I also chanced upon this artist who sold really beautiful original art and she happened to have a set of Free! characters. They also sold Rei but it apparently wasn’t part of the set (it had a slightly different background too) so I just decided to give him a pass, though I’m somewhat regretting not buying him now.

Of course I would buy something from The Legend of Zelda every convention I go to, so here is a set of BOTW polaroids. They had beautiful Link and Zelda prints too but it was sold out by the time I got there and they weren’t selling their display piece so this was all I could lay my hands on (it was also the last piece so lucky me!).

And now, I present to you the most random purchase I’ve ever made in my life. I had no reason to get it, but neither did I have a reason not to, because honestly who wouldn’t get something like this if this was the first thing they saw when they turned the corner?

In case you’re wondering if there’s any inside fandom joke to be told here, there is none. They’re literal ass stickers. When I first saw them, I instinctively turned to my cousin and said “do you want some ass stickers?”, to which the booth owner actually heard and replied without missing a heartbeat, “yeah do you want some ass stickers! Only once a year at Cosfest!” My cousin and I just started laughing uncontrollably while the girl just stared at us with a deadpan expression and waited for us to fork over our money for the ass stickers. Probably the most memorable encounter I’ve had there.

Needless to say, I can safely conclude that I spent over $100 here, although I already expected this from the start knowing my poor spending habits when it comes to anime. I don’t regret it though, because first of all I’m getting good stuff, and second of all, this is just one of many ways to show support to local artists who have put in a lot of effort into designing and producing their merch to sell to all of us weebs. If there are any watermarks or artist tags in the pictures I’ve posted above, please do go check out and/or follow their social media handles or online shops and see if you would like to buy anything to support them too! Monetary transactions aren’t the only way to show your support; a simple comment or DM on their works online could make their day as well!

That’s all for my Cosfest 2019 haul, thanks for reading!

Written by Gin

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