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Hey guys! So I was watching “Gyakuten Saiban: The Movie” on my laptop the other day. You could not imagine my joy when I finally received a copy of the movie by a good friend of mine. Had been waiting quite a long while to watch the movie. There has not been any word of even a possibility of a movie screening of “Gyakuten Saiban” here in Singapore, despite the recent rise of popularity of Japanese movies now showing in theatres, like Rurouni Kenshin and Akko Chan. I guess Phoenix Wright does not have much clout with the Singaporean audience....yet.
For those of you who do not know Phoenix Wright(you should be ashamed), Gyakuten Saiban, or Phoenix Wright, is the main character of a series of games that involved courtroom battles, detective like investigation and the like. I loved that game. The other characters of the series were simply entertaining and fun to watch, and all the clues really fit nicely with the cases. I think that the stories were beautifully woven, and I admit that I had my fair share of suspense while playing the game.
So anyway, back to what I was talking about. “Gyakuten Saiban” was simply a powerful blast from the past. Why do I say this? Well, simply because the movie’s plot resembled REALLY closely from the cases all of us know back from the days of “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” from the Game Boy Advance. All 4 cases were featured in the movie, or at least alluded to it, and the screenplay followed the major clues and twists that kept us all in our seats, eyes glued to the Game Boy during our GBA days. Interestingly, it was not only the screenplay that resembled the games. The costumes and even Phoenix Wright’s trademark spiky hairdo was emulated. Hiroki Narimiya really fits the role of Phoenix Wright, and the hairstyle really suits him well. In my opinion, Narimiya’s portrayal of Wright was acceptable, but he could have been less serious during the investigation phase, just like how Phoenix Wright was in the games. Then again, Takumi Saito really did a very good Miles Edgeworth portrayal, (Phoenix’s rival cum Prosecutor) and that satisfied me enough.
All in all, Gyakuten Saiban was an awesome movie, and I would recommend that you guys watch it. IF you can get your hands on it. Till next time, Signing off! ~ Mohsein Koh

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