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Alive but dead - An empty shell

Summer is ending. Tokyo Ghoul ended on a very high note that was a sin but at least there’s a season two. Though, the manga left me with quite an impression of the author. Aldnoah Zero on the other hand had to remind me of Code Geass with that ending. Could sort of see it coming with the strategies involved but seriously, who expected that ending? God! 

WHAT THE HELL!!! Don't turn Code Geass on me!

The wait is so unbearable! Fate Illya has a second part to a season two. Zankyou no Terror with that jaw dropping ending. Persona 4 Golden with its “Goodbye…. And Psyche!” Hanayamata with not much dancing. Mahouka with not much action. And then there’s Glasslip. I mean, I couldn’t undertand it. They lost me after that confession. Oh bummer…

But fall is here. Log Horizon season two. Yes. Psycho Pass2. YES! Hitsugi no Chaika’s sister’s stupidity. Wouldn’t miss it! And then there are Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and Kiseijuu, where their beautiful and awesome trailer speaks a lot (Please don’t let it be false hope. Please don’t let it be a failure). Well, fall seems to be quite lined up. Though, I was quite bummed when Kancolle was pushed to next year. I need my dose of Kanmusu… When AFA comes around, I’ll get my hands on a WO. Which leaves me to save up for Yamato and Iona (Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio) At least I am not going to the concert. Bring Miku back! I miss her already.

Well, that intro took a long sidetrack. Hi guys. How’s everyone holding up? Hope you guys are enjoying your time playing Destiny or studying for your exams or whatever it is you guys do. While I was surfing the web, a thought sprout forth in my mind the other day. I was reading a manga and a manhwa. The first is called “Koe no Katachi”. 

Truly heart-wrenching...

A great manga to read. It tells about the challenges you face in life like accepting others, establishing relationships but with a little twist on the characters as they all have different personalities and history especially their dark past. Truly touching and heart wrenching. Cliffhangers for almost every chapter. The feels are too much. The hatred for the characters is real too.

The second is called “Soul Cartel” which tells about the difficulties faced by a spirit medium who serves as a witness to an arch devil, Mephistopheles and the human Faust as they renew the contract once again in the modern age. A good read with colored visuals. Quite funny as well.

Adding to that is a game I played to pass time previously. I replayed Katawa Shoujo for nostalgic sake and also because of a post that I read here. The feels were too much…

More stabs to the heart...

Anyway, all three got me thinking what would life be like without the five senses. In “Koe no Katachi”, the main heroine is deaf which limit her speeches as she doesn’t know what she is talking about. She can only communicate with others through sign language and post-it notes. In “Soul Cartel” there were a few chapters where the group had to go through an enchanted forest without one of their five senses of their choice. While in “Katawa Shoujo”, the various heroines have their own disabilities and also different background building up their atmosphere (Though it’s not all senses, you still get my point).

I’ve never really thought of how life would be without the five senses. Although I have thoughts of being in an isolation chamber quite a few times. Really curious as to how it is. 

Where is the nearest one? My curiosity requires answers...

First off, I would imagine myself really depressed. Probably lots of crying and maybe some anger issues. Thoughts of suicide would cross my mind but too afraid to die. Low self esteem. Envy would sprout. Hate to others. More crying at nights. Escapism. And it’ll end with me dying of old age or some disease. If you haven’t noticed it till now, I have quite a pessimistic attitude to life. I don’t particularly look on the bright side of life and I don’t envy those who do. It’s just that, it will help me stay away from arriving to those sad endings. Identify and Avoid.

So I am really amazed how these characters can deal with it and live on with it. Experiencing what they can as much as possible. Even if they break down, they’ll get back up. Just like most main characters (It sounds sarcastic but I wasn’t trying to be). And I realized I sidetracked again.

Senses. Okay. Without the ability to see, the world would feel incomplete. It’s like a huge part of the world won’t be there. The vibrant colors and a variety of shapes, words and scenery; all missed out. 

Eternal darkness...

Loneliness and the darkness would be the only company. Without the ability to hear, would be just as dreadful. The amazing music, languages and voices; unreachable. The silence would be too unbearable for me. The sense of smell would at first seem to have no issue but it affects the sense of taste. Eating would be a chore rather than a necessity to stay alive or as enjoyment. The sweetness of honey, bitterness of coffee and the spiciness of chilies. And finally the sense of touch. I can’t really imagine myself without it. How do you know that you actually set your foot on the ground unless you look down? And how would you know that the surface you step on is solid? It just can’t be pictured. Living life without your senses is just a dark, silent world with no purpose. You won’t even know what you’re talking about. You’ll grow but you won’t understand anything. Similar to a baby. Alive but dead. An empty shell.

We are all so dependent on our senses. Our lives won’t be the same without it. It is such a wonderful gift that we are born with that some of us might take for granted. I remember being reminded to take care of my eyes and now I am wearing a spectacle. I keep blasting music in my ear without caring much about it and now I fear that my hearing might deteriorate.

So I’ll end it off with a reminder, to take care of your eyes and ears when enjoying anime or reading manga or listening to music. Watch anime or read manga in a well-lit room. Sit up when doing so. Enjoy the manga or anime at a certain amount of distance from your eyes and lower down the volume of your music so that it doesn’t hurt your ears.

Oh, and maybe imagine yourself without the five senses. It really provides a different perspective of your life.

Mata ne~

Written by Zwei


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