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A Letter To The Mamizuka Twins...Kazuma in particular

Dear Kazuma,

I am surprised that you don't collapse of dehydration from so much crying every single day. Then again, your famous father probably has no problem with that as well, because you do take on his traits! Even when you are genuinely happy, tears will still roll in your eyes. Seriously, it is just about anything. I am surprised, really surprised. Don't worry, you can cry all you want. It would be difficult to tell you apart from Takuma if there isn't anything distinct.

Ta-da! Now, something like this just makes life (?) so much easier! Takuma and Kazuma! Kazuma and Takuma! Wait, this is rather tongue-twisting...Kazu...Taku...never mind, I shall try to remember who is what! I wonder if you had popped out from your mother's womb the way you are now. No, that should be perfectly normal. I mean, if a baby doesn't cry from being born, something is terribly wrong! Just don't mind me!

Wait, is there something that you need? Where is your brother anyway? Can you talk? Hey, don't just roll your tears like that! Did you hurt yourself or something? Your cheeks are so red! Shall I go get your mother for you? Where is your brother? Can you stay here by yourself while I go find somebody to pacify you? No no no, don't roll your tears even faster! I can't deal with this! Help???

Maybe I should take back what I have said earlier. You probably shouldn't cry so much, because it just drains too much energy. Not necessarily your energy, my dear Kazuma. Anyway, don't tire yourself. You are still a toddler, and a toddler's world shouldn't be that complicated! Your brother is managing fine, isn't he? Just focus on getting better, and in no time you will be back with him and the rest of the gang in the daycare room! Everything will be just fine! :)

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪
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