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Music of Full Moon Sagashite and Inuyasha

I remember watching Full Moon o Sagashite more than 5 years back. The whole anime series struck a chord with me so touching and yet bittersweet.

I can relate to the main character - twelve year old Mitsuki, in a way that I really love singing and I will feel quite restless if I do not get to sing or even hum a day. However of course I am much fortunate than Mitsuki in a way, she has a malignant tumour in her throat that prevents her from pursuing her passion in singing. However two shinigami  (death harbingers) granted her wish so that she is able to continue singing and perform in front of mass audiences (my wish too!)

Albeit it has been years, what still etched in my memory are the few songs from this anime series. I remembered listening to them almost everyday back then, in my mp3 player. The songs by Myco are simply astounding.

There’s “Eternal Snow” which has a slow and sad mood, “Love Chronicle” that is so bittersweet yet romantic song, “New Future” is one ambitious and energetic, freewheeling song with meaning lyrics for the start of the day (especially Mondays). Basically these are my three favourite songs amongst the list.

You can listen to the song “Eternal Snow” here, it has such a powerful emotion. 
Everytime I watched an anime, I always wondered how the voice actor looks like, don’t you? Especially if the guy in the anime is suave or attractive, I will always ponder, ah the voice totally matches with the character, I wonder how does he really look like?

So here’s the video of the voice actress acting as Mitsuki and singing the song, Eternal Snow. Her singing here is really great, or is she lip-synching? I can’t tell. 

I believe the voices of the voice actors and actresses truly play a part in any anime series(duh!) and in some way could make the characters stand out more as well. Same goes for the theme songs. If well chosen, the songs, the voices, the characters and everything about the anime goes together and are somehow blended into one.

Talking about theme songs, another anime series which I think have a great genre of music altogether is Inuyasha. Their songs are mainly covered by the influential icons of J-pop music, to name some would be - Change the World by boyband V6, Dearest by queen of pop Ayumi Hamasaki and Come by queen of hiphop, Namie Amuro.

I am sure there are many other anime series that have great theme and endings songs to go along with as well, other than what I have mentioned here. I really like those opening songs that are very upbeat and lively, giving the ‘smash’ feel of the start of an anime, enticing you to watch on. It gives us the big picture of the anime as well. And the ending song always wraps up the episode of the anime. 

So what is your favourite anime song?

Written by Pepperminty 

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