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My Top 10 Favourite Boku no Hero Academia Characters


Hello everyone! Since Studio Bones just blessed us with the season 4 trailer of Boku no Hero Academia, I’m going to talk about my top 10 favourite characters from the anime. Please remember that this is just my personal list of favourites, feel free to share/comment your own top 10!

10) Sero Hanta

Sero Hanta | Quirk: Tape

Sero is basically the Spider-Man of BNHA, since he can shoot tape out of his elbows. Although he’s only a supporting character, he has really grown on me, and is one of my favourite Class 1A students. As much as he loves goofing around with the rest of his classmates, Sero knows when to be serious and is fully capable of kicking ass. He is also a righteous man since he calls Mineta out for being perverted and wraps him in tape so he doesn’t lurk around the girls’ rooms. We stan.

Sero being a gentleman by restraining the resident pervert, Mineta Minoru

 9) Hawks

Hawks | Quirk: Fierce Wings

I actually stopped watching BNHA halfway through season 2, but then I saw some Hawks fanart and official art on my twitter and immediately fell in love with his character design, so I went back to finish watching the anime for him. Turns out he hasn’t even appeared yet so my feelings were cheated. It’s okay though because season 3 is my favourite season thus far and Hawks is definitely going to be in season 4, which is airing later this year! As the No. 2 Hero, Hawks is such a laid-back, fun-loving guy. He is so lovable that even the mighty Endeavor puts up with his shenanigans (lovingly).

8) Todoroki Shoto

Todoroki Shoto | Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot

Todoroki arguably has the best backstory in Class 1A. His strained relationship with his father and his struggle to realise that he is his own person who has the right to live his life by his own terms makes him one of the more interesting characters in the anime. He really reminds me of my favourite character from the American cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko (they both have burn scars on one side of their face and daddy issues). I also love watching his interactions with Midoriya as they both help each other to become better versions of themselves. Their battle at the UA Sports Festival was my favourite battle in the anime.

7) All Might (Yagi Toshinori)

All Might | Quirk: One for All

All Might, as the symbol of peace, truly encompasses everything that a hero ought to be. His presence alone brings hope, relief and reassurance to the victims in a villain attack, as well as the audience watching. His smile and confidence (be it real or a façade) whenever he is rescuing victims really shows that he is deserving of the No. 1 Hero spot, in terms of strength and attitude. He also really tries his best to be a good teacher to Class 1A, as much as he sucks at teaching. He genuinely cares for each and every one of the students, and I love how he calls all of them “shonen” because it’s such an endearing way of addressing the kids (and it’s such a Dad thing to do). Even in his weakened state after retiring, he continues to be loved and appreciated by society. He is such an important father-figure to Midoriya in his pursuit of becoming a Pro Hero, literally dedicating his life to raising him after his retirement. He really is a true hero in every sense of the word.

All Might bringing tears to my eyes because he wants to replace Midoriya's non-existent Dad

6) Shinso Hitoshi

Shinso Hitoshi | Quirk: Brainwash

Shinso has one of my favourite quirks in BNHA. With his voice-transforming mask, he poses a serious threat to villains, since they can no longer easily communicate verbally as it puts them at risk of being brainwashed. I love how the anime took the time to address people like him who drew the short end of the stick in the entrance exam, since it was against robots where he was unable to use his quirk, as mentioned by Aizawa at the UA Sports Festival. Aizawa’s quirk also cannot be used against robots, hence Shinso’s relationship with Aizawa is really compelling. Aizawa saw himself in Shinso and took up the responsibility of nurturing him into a hero just like himself. It reminds me of Midoriya and All Might, and it is very heartwarming to see Shinso grow and blossom under his mentorship. Did I also mention that Shinso is very attractive?

5) Kaminari Denki

Kaminari Denki | Quirk: Electrification

Kaminari is the comic relief character that we all need but don’t deserve. His derpy face after he short-circuits, his terrible flirting, and his silly pranks never fail to make everyone laugh. Yet, he is so much more than that. Yes, Kaminari is stupid (relatable), but there is no doubt that he tries his best in exams and in combat – he just gets anxious and panics very often (also relatable). He also clearly cares a lot for his friends, including the foul-mouthed Bakugo, who never fails to insult him at any given opportunity. Kaminari even defended Bakugo’s hard work in a fight against Shiketsu High School’s Shishikura.

Kaminari being a wonderful friend and classmate by defending Bakugo

Kaminari is undoubtedly one of the most relatable characters in the anime, winning over the hearts of countless fans. He is also adorable (a literal ray of sunshine) and reminds me of Pikachu – 10/10 would adopt.

4) Uraraka Ochako

Uraraka Ochako | Quirk: Zero Gravity

Finally, a female character! Uraraka is the cutest roundest ball of joy in the entire anime. I adore her so much; every single thing about her just oozes cuteness. She is such a cheerful girl who morally and emotionally supports all her classmates, especially Midoriya, and brings smiles to everyone’s faces. Her dreams of becoming a Pro Hero to financially support her family are so pure and innocent that we can’t help but root for her. For someone who is all sunshine and rainbows, Uraraka is a badass. She is always determined to give her all in combat, even if her opponent is scary and overpowered. Her battle against Bakugo in the UA Sports Festival really proved that she is far more than just a pretty face. After that battle, even Bakugo recognised and acknowledged her strength and perseverance. I do believe that Uraraka is the strongest character in Class 1A, emotionally and mentally speaking.

Uraraka refusing to give up against Bakugo

3) Kirishima Eijiro

Kirishima Eijiro | Quirk: Hardening

Kirishima is undisputedly the most unproblematic character in the anime. He just tries his best and loves manly things. It’s probably harder to find someone who doesn’t love Kirishima than someone who does. He is so friendly and good-natured that he’s even managed to become best friends with the hot-headed Bakugo. He is insecure about his quirk, but with consistent diligence in his training, he has managed to become an extremely noteworthy student in UA. Apart from being manly in his pursuit of becoming a hero, Kirishima is very sensitive to the feelings of his friends, and is always ready to lend a helping hand in times of crisis, no matter the circumstances. He is so secure and comfortable with his masculinity and his morals are so unshakable and honest that I believe he will most definitely become one of the best Pro Heroes in the future. This boy deserves all the love and support in the world!

Kirishima being manly by apologising to Asui and acknowledging her feelings

2) Bakugo Katsuki

Bakugo Katsuki | Quirk: Explosion

Bakugo is a particularly polarising character; people either hate him or love him. I happen to fall within the group that absolutely adores this rabid gremlin. Sure, he’s rude and loud and annoying and angry all the time, and everyone would hate him if he existed in real life, but this is a fictional world and people love over-exaggerated characters who act ridiculously over the top. One thing I love about Bakugo is that even though he is always ready to fight the first person who breathes in his direction, he is only outwardly impulsive – his attacks are all meticulously thought-out and he is exceptionally clear-minded despite frothing at the mouth out of sheer anger and frustration most of the time. In addition to being nimble and quick on his feet in combat, he has also been proven to be academically gifted, coming in 3rd for Midterms. Of course, his amazing results and fighting abilities are not only due to his talent – Bakugo works awfully hard to be the best in everything. It’s kind of ironic that he calls Midoriya a nerd for always writing stuff in his notebook when he himself studies like a madman (he even goes to bed at 8pm, what a nerd). That being said, Bakugo’s “arrogance” and brashness stems from his own insecurities and his deep-seated fear of not being the best in what he does. This is revealed when he calls Midoriya out one night for a fight, where he expresses his frustrations after being kidnapped and indirectly causing All Might’s retirement.

Bakugo revealing his insecurities and allowing himself to be vulnerable (we are proud of him)

This was my favourite episode in the entire anime, because it really made me feel for Bakugo. It must have been tough for him to open up about this as he has never been the type to talk about his feelings, probably because he thinks it makes him appear vulnerable and weak, which couldn’t be further from what he aspires to be. Bakugo’s character development is realistic and well-paced, and I can’t wait to see how else he will grow as a person and as a hero in future seasons.

1) Aizawa Shota

Aizawa Shota | Quirk: Erasure

Lastly, the character that I love most in the entire anime – Aizawa Shota. Although Aizawa looks like some grumpy, shabby guy who just wants to quickly finish his work and take a nap, he is probably the best, most selfless, and most protective teacher in UA. Aizawa doesn’t care about his image; he really only wants to be a hero to save people. That’s why he just went with whatever hero name Present Mic gave him, and only shaves and styles his hair when he appears on national television or meets his students’ parents. Nobody outside of UA even knows who he is, in spite of him being a remarkably proficient Pro Hero. As for the sleepy part, Aizawa works as a teacher during the day, and a Pro Hero at night; if I were him, I’d want to take a nap every chance I get too. Yet as busy as he gets, he never complains about being tired. He comes into class one day after nearly dying by the hands of Nomu in USJ, completely covered in bandages, simply saying that his welfare “is of no concern”.

Aizawa acting like he didn't almost die of a crushed skull just the day before

He cares deeply for his class, and devotes most of his time and energy into nurturing them, even if he appears annoyed by their antics from time to time. In the USJ arc, Aizawa threw himself at more than 10 villains in order to buy time, protect his class, and to offer them reassurance. Even on the brink of death, Aizawa erased Shigaraki’s quirk when he was about to disintegrate Asui’s head. He singlehandedly protected his students from the villains before the other teachers came, knowing that it would endanger his life. He also firmly believes in the potential and talent of each and every single student in Class 1A (yes, including Mineta). He used the Final Exam to boost Yaoyorozu’s confidence and make her realise that she is far more capable than she thinks she is, and confidently defended Bakugo’s “problematic” attitude at the UA Sports Festival, expressing complete faith in his ambitions of becoming the top hero.

Aizawa shutting down the press by speaking the gospel truth

He is stern and puts his class through strenuous training, only because he wants to push them to improve and become the best versions of themselves. Aizawa has a soft spot for kids – he took it upon himself to personally train Shinso to become a Pro Hero, promised Mirio that he would find a way to get his quirk back, and is literally Eri’s legal guardian. He even bought the ugliest set of cat-themed clothes for Eri to wear, unironically thinking it was cute.

Aizawa projecting his wildest fashion fantasies onto Eri

Aizawa also loves cats, which is so endearing and unexpected coming from a no-nonsense guy like him. He doesn’t seem like the type to want to get married, but he would most certainly be a great father (to both children and cats).
TL;DR: Aizawa loves his 23 children and will give his life for all of them. He looks grumpy but he’s really just tired.
And that's all from me! If you've read up to here, thank you for reading my very shamelessly self-indulgent post. Leave a comment!

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