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WonFes 2017

Wonfes is back and for collectors, this is one of the events which we definitely don't wish to miss! New figure announcements, new prototype sneak-peeks and most importantly of all, impending pre-orders -- there's no end to all the excitement and adrenaline rushes that goes around... but as usual, there's always a group of people that ends up being extremely disappointed with the series chosen.
Wonfes 2017 is heavily centered on Fate/Grand Order (GSC, Alter and Banpresto mainly), erotic (Native, Skytube) and bunny figures (FREEing). While we still have a lot of our everlasting idol queen, Hatsune Miku, some shows of up to the previous few seasons finally got some exposure in this Wonfes, such as Gabriel DropOut and Tanya the Evil. Rem is still going strong, and Kafuu Chino is quick to join her with approximately 5 new figures announced. Hoto Kokoa is not letting up either!

Of course, we also have some shows in the current season getting some love such as Jabami Yumeko from Kakegurui, which will be getting a scale figure from Kotobukiya as well as a Nendoroid from Good Smile Company.

Now, let's go through some of the items which I am interested in (in no particular order) and we'll see if we share the same tastes.

1. Miyamori Aoi from Shirobako, by Alter
This is one of the few figures I have been waiting for... for ages. Yasuhara Ema recently got her own scale from Alter and it peeved me a little to see Ema getting a scale before the "main" Aoi. However, Ema is cute in her own way and hey, she might be the most popular character in Shirobako!

Now, I just hope that there will be more Shirobako characters to make up the five-member team.

2. Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo by Aspire/Azone/Fine Clover
Yes, 2 different companies are making Ai-chan. However, while I wish that Alter will re-release theirs, if Alter doesn't, I might just have to choose between these 2 and hopefully either (and not both) would be one that I love.

3. Kafuu Chino from Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka by Easy Eight
I may not be a fan of Chino enough to get all her new figures in the coming year but I am thinking of trying for one, and this is the one which I am (should be) leaning the most towards.

4. Hatsune Miku (Wedding Version) from Vocaloid by Freeing
I love wedding dresses (not the lingerie kind, ugh) and I love it when Miku isn't in her ordinary attire, what's better than this?

5. Hatsune Miku (Harvest Moon Version) from Vocaloid by Good Smile Company
I have the Nendoroid for this and now I will own the scale figure, yay! This Miku has a very different feeling from her usual cutesy ones and I am liking the prototype thus far~

6. Jabami Yumeko from Kakegurui by Kotobukiya
Best girl from one of the best series in this season, and by one of my best companies! I'm so blessed to be able to get a figure of her this early, especially since the series hasn't even gone past mid-point yet.

7. Jabami Yumeko from Kakegurui by Good Smile Company
Same case as above. However, Good Smile Company seems to be cutting back on accessories and stuff that comes each Nendoroid so I hope they will give her enough to make her price worth it... especially with at least one crazed faceplate.

8. Takimoto Hifumi from New Game! by Good Smile Company
I am usually not into shy girls but Hifumi is different! She holds quite a special place in my heart and I wish Suzukaze Aoba will be re-released with her too because I passed on ordering Aoba previously as Hifumi wasn't announced (yet).

9. Louise from Zero no Tsukaima by Good Smile Company
Most of Louise figures don't tempt me much although I do adore her quite a little. This may just very well be my first (and last) Louise figure!

10. Kagari Atsuko from Little Witch Academia by Toy's Works
I have 2 of her Nendoroid on preorder and getting a scale of her would be a wonderful addition. Let's see how this turns out, shall we?
And there's the ten that I am looking forward to, and will likely purchase if I love how they turn out. There are some other figure announcements which I am thinking about, but am not too sure if I am keen to spend on them.
Here are some honorable mentions.

Satania from Gabriel DropOut by Good Smile Company
Furukawa Nagisa from Clannad by Good Smile Company
Yamada Elf from Eromanga Sensei by Good Smile Company

Izumi Sagiri (Ending Mode) from Eromanga Sensei by Ques Q
Stephanie Dola from No Game No Life by Phat Company
Tanya Degurechaff from Youjo Senki by Souyokusha
Krista Lenz from Shingeki no Kyojin by Pulcha
Shujinkou from Persona 5 by Phat Company
Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin by Max Factory

Hope you found something that you are interested in!

~ Reina-rin

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