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Pokémon Go

Have you recently come across a group of people walking while looking at their phones, or staring at it while walking on the streets, or even stopping in the middle of the street to swipe around on their phones?

Perhaps you are one of them too?
Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and Singapore will definitely not be the last stop for this game! I have been playing it for the past few days and have visited quite a few areas myself, which is the main point of Pokémon Go.

How did you know about this game, and how did you know that it arrived in Singapore? I knew of it from my friend and read facebook posts from the same friends, which was why I knew it was available in Singapore. 

Have you started playing since the very first day it arrived in Singapore? A little later? Or perhaps you are one of the spoofers that started with other countries? Have you spent real money on it yet?

I started on the very first day it arrived in Singapore and have been playing it rather consistently since then. I have not spent any real money on the game yet, and probably wouldn't. At least not when I don't even see a single Lapras yet.
Lure stops have been very good camping spots where I caught several rarer pokemon. Though I must admit that my luck has not been very strong and most of the rarer ones I've caught have low CP...

Due to this lure aspect of the game, a Pokestop point with lure are really good advertising methods, and many eateries and malls have used that to their advantage. Though I doubt that it would boost sales for items such as clothes, boost for food items are much more plausible and realistic!
Leveling up as a player is no easy task. The exp which you require for each player level is too high and a lot of time and effort usually has to be invested for such level ups. Though, evolving your Pokemon might be an easier solution past this whole issue since it is one of the activities that produce more, if not most, amount of exp.

As a casual player, I do not think much before leveling or evolving my pokemon, but if you wish or are a serious player, you might want to consider IV values for yours, which are a "hidden potential" feature.

It appears that there are hidden attack and defend stats for these Pokemon and CP corresponds to the levels, and the weight and height might play a part in the potential of your Pokemon as well. Also, there might be some relation to the skills your Pokemon have as well.

XL Pokemon might evolve to become XS as well... it's all a little too complicated for me! Thus, I have been focusing mainly on catching and evolving only!
But it seems like I'm not that lucky or that hardcore because these are the best I have at the moment. Not to mention that I am steadily running out of pokeballs because I don't stay near a pokestop and there's no way I'm camping at a park late into the night for more pokeballs.

Sadly, I don't stay near a gym either so that's 10 pokecoins I'm giving up daily.

As much as I wish Niantic would implement Pokestops for every or every other building, with region-specific Pokemon (like they have already), the fact that they removed Pokestops probably means that will never happen.

So... which are the Pokemon you wish to get, and do you have them already?

I hope to be able to get Lapras, which unfortunately, I don't have yet. My second most wanted Pokemon is Pikachu, and I have it already! Maybe... I want a snorlax too... so cuddly!

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