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A Letter To Sakamichi

Dear Sakamichi-kun,

I've been wanting to applaud your awesome achievements for quite a long time, but I couldn't seem to find the exact moment to convey my admiration and respect for you. Who would have imagined that a person with no remote hint of athleticism could transform into a jaw-dropping, unpredictable driving force which has countlessly thrown many people off by surprise? The initial doubts were tough to break through, and I'm sure a lot of people could feel your struggles to rid common stereotypes and such. I'm so mesmerised by your mamachari! I like how you've made riding a bicycle such an enjoyable process even in seemingly impossible situations. Your kira-kira smile could lift anybody's spirit up anytime.

I was indirectly introduced to your story through another fan's appreciation of it. I don't consider myself athletic to begin with, but I love cycling though to me it's more of a leisure activity than something on a competitive level. Seeing your sunny personality shine over your surroundings just warms the heart, and entices me to follow up on your world. Your infatuation with Love Hime has made me chuckle on several occasions. I still remember the incredulous expression on Imaizumi-kun's face as he rode past you on that steep climb. Your clueless reactions towards many things have brought joy and relief. Yes, relief. Don't underestimate your own capabilities, Sakamichi-kun. You've got no idea how much impact your presence has graced the critical moments throughout the course. Ne, what do you think of Kanzaki-san? She's lovely, isn't she? I find her friend Aya a little too much of an eyesore. But don't tell her, yeah? I feel that you and Kanzaki-san would make quite the cute couple.  

That said, doesn't it feel great to be blessed with so many friends who are constantly and unconditionally supportive of one another? I might be wrong, but I feel that among all those people Naruko-kun seems like he could one day become your best friend. Of course, I can imagine how jealous Imaizumi-kun might get if that were to happen. As for the senpais, all of them clearly appreciate you even though their methods are drastically different. When your bicycle finally gave way during the last day of training camp, I didn't expect that Teshima-senpai would appear to offer the assistance that you so needed the most. That scene is definitely proof of how quick anyone could recover from a serious fall if they wanted to. Like anybody else, he had wanted you to clear the goal.

The most heart-stopping times are undoubtedly during the much anticipated Inter-High tournament. I don't think I've encountered anything more intense, dynamic and disturbing than the happenings of Inter-High. That Midousuji really gets on everybody else's nerves! Incidentally, he's pretty much the disturbing element throughout the series. I wish I was there to pull you up when you got implicated in the wreck. Then again, Makishima-senpai had so much faith in you even though he wasn't entirely certain whether you would be able to pull yourself back onto the road. It was exceptionally amazing of you to finally ride past so many cyclists to return to your team. Your unwavering determination to assist Tadokoro-senpai back to the team after his sickness had been eating into him is simply beyond commendation. But remember, don't forget to let others help you too! Imaizumi-kun and Naruko-kun have so much admiration and respect for you that you mustn't forget to let them support you when you are suffering! It's no longer simply about teamwork. It's loyalty in a long-lasting friendship.

I've got to admit that I'm rather upset that I wouldn't be able to see you guys again until early October. Why must the series end here? I find it extremely abrupt. Never mind, all things good are worth waiting, is that what you would tell me? Then I shall just keep anticipating where Team Sohoku would lead me to!

Thank you, Sakamichi-kun. Ogenki de.

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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