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Step onto my Desktop : Korechika Asahara

The series "Step onto my Desktop" will display the look that is quintessential to any Otaku, the Computer Table.

A relaxing and functional table belonging to Korechika Asahara of Philippines ~ Where everything happens!

My desk is a little cluttered but that's how I like it. Caster and one of my smaller Soom dolls keep me company right now and you can see most of my shinkis here as well. Really, I need more shelves.

My favourite anime are Vocaloid and Hack Sign.


A little bit more about my room. When I bought this house, I wanted a room for my computer and small manga collection, and it’s really expanded since then! Besides manga, this room is for my anime, cels, character goods, and doujinshi collections. I also LOVE the Shinsengumi, and collect anything with any version of the guys in baby blue.

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