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Naruto: SasuNaru

Hello my fellow shippers!

I'm here with a Sasunaru post, so I would advise you to skip this if you're not yaoi-friendly or you absolutely detest Sasunaru. I'm not looking for a ship war here. To each their own ship, I say. 

But yes, Sasunaru. Let's just jump right in, shall we?

Reasons why I ship Sasuke + Naruto so so hard.

First off, we see Naruto chasing Sasuke for almost the entire series. Almost literally to the end of the world and beyond. Every single time Naruto hears a little news about Sasuke's whereabouts, he starts packing for a mission. And even when everyone (Sakura too!) has given up on Sasuke, Naruto refuses to. He believes in Sasuke. He knows and understands Sasuke's pain. He wants to save him.

did you see what was in my heart? psssh
No homo?

And even when Sasuke tried to kill Naruto, the orange ninja still refuses to give up on their profound bond. Now, notice I italicized the word tried? Yeah, I've been talking from Naruto's side, so how about Sasuke's side?

If I remember correctly, there was a scene where Sasuke did in fact knock Naruto out and had all the opportunity to kill him there and then? It was raining, and the whole scene was really sad, and there was a scratched out leaf headband? Yes. AND Sasuke actually left Naruto alive.

For all Sasuke's threats about killing Naruto, I don't think he will ever actually kill. Maybe severely maim, but kill Naruto? Nah. Plus, they are forever thinking about one another. Fine, maybe more of Naruto thinking about Sasuke than the other way round, but you get my point.

Next up, it is canon that Sasuke and Naruto have kissed. Twice, in fact. Once when they enrolled in the academy, and the second time during a filler episode. Even after they fell into the water, the splash was in a heart shape.

second (hehee their blushing faces)
Sigh, they were so cute when they were young, before Naruto went all sage-y and before Sasuke become an emo avenger. But I digress.

I'm not even going to point out that every single time that they do meet, Naruto will spout his usual 'I'm bringing you home, Sasuke!', and Sasuke will reply with 'Why do you not give up!' and then Naruto will finish off with 'Because iloveyou you're my friend!'.

And then cue the heart to heart fist fights, and then Sasuke will be like 'I will break the bond we have!', but it never happens. 

everything hurts
Still not convinced about this ship? Read the last few chapters on their last fight.

Sasuanaru is so canon that even neutral/ non-shippers are laughing about Chapter 698's 'subtlety'. If you haven't read it, then go read it. Ehh, I think you can just start from their final fight. Doesn't really matter if you haven't read the earlier chapters. Or you can just continue on.


Chapter 698 is where they have their arms ripped off thanks to using their final techniques against each other, and they wake up lying side by side, bleeding out. Now let's pause here. Look at the blood. Look at it. It forms into a heart shape. No? Fine, maybe I'm just looking at this from my shipper eyes.

usuratonkachi!!! it's back!! (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)
I was about to upload the entire conversation, but I shall drop a link instead or risk spamming this post. So click on the link, read through the entire dialogue/ chapter, then come back here. Done? Now tell me, how is Sasunaru not canon?

To quote a friend after reading Chapter 698: "'I couldn't leave you alone.' What straight dude says that???? 'I feel your pain too.' ???? I bet Sasuke's like, I wanna kiss Naruto but I will bleed to death all over him if I move."

But yes, this fight is the kindle for all the Sasunaru fic writers out there. Which makes me kinda irritated that the upcoming Naruto movie might feature Naruhina.. Psssh.

otp 5eva
/all art credits to their original owners!

Nerd out!

Written by: ninetylives

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    I just wondered what would happen if it really ended with Naruto + Sasuke...