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Figure Unboxing and Review: Nendoroid Akaza Akari (Good Smile Company)

It has been quite a long time since my last figure review! Today, I'll like to talk about Nendoroid Akari. I have previously reviewed the transparent version and will be including that version in some of my later photos too.
Before her re-release, her price nearly tripled and I couldn't find one at an affordable price. Thankfully, I decided to wait a while more because she was up for a re-release not too long later. Anyway, without further ado, let's start our review of the Nendoroid!
Being one of the older Nendoroid sure has its perks. The box is designed with a lot of multi-colored stars to bring out the very cute and fun side of Yuru Yuri. The main color of the box is also in pink, which matches well with the image color of Akari!
Right out of the box, we see Akari in the blister pack with all her parts. She comes with her several hair parts and 2 extra faceplates. For limbs, she has 2 bent arms and 1 bent leg, with 3 hands (all of which have her pointing her index finger out). She also comes with parts to form a rather realistic Bazooka effect for her hair buns!
Let's start with her default faceplate and pose. The uniform is quite unique and has some creases to it in an attempt to add detail to the small figure. The red plaited one-piece is also well-sculpted and the plaited effect extends even below the white piece. Note that her arms can be detached at two areas: shoulder, red sleeve, and hand.

I love how the lighting in this scene makes it look like it's sunset! It makes me disappointed that Akari doesn't come with a school bag to pose her as if she's on the way home after school.
The second thing in this box that I am going to review would be her bazooka part with her second faceplate, the shouting one, and her bent leg. I feel like her bent leg goes really well with the shouting faceplate and the pointing hand--it just adds the right amount of drama into the scene!

The smoke parts come with a joint where it connects to her hair so you'll be able to move it around for nuances. I haven't tried interchanging this with the transparent part, but I suppose you could always replace the colored hair buns with the transparent one, and have a transparent Akari Bazooka? 
 Go! Akari Bun Bazooka~
She also comes with a hair bun that has 2 pegs--one for connecting to her head and one for connecting to the base. However, in my case, she doesn't hold up well with connected to the base due to how heavy her head is, hence I don't think that pose would be suitable for display in the long run. So I'll rather just suspend her in mid-air with that look of despair.
You'll probably have to tilt her head to the side for it to look more convincing though.

And last but not the least, you can mix and match this with the Transparent Akari parts to make it more fun!
 Akari dropping into despair as she slowly vanishes...
 Hey, why did you steal my hair buns?!
(Face parts from Makise Kurisu)

~ Reina-rin

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