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Singapore Toys and Games Comic Convention STGCC 2014 : Nana

STGCC is my favourite event of the year, tied with AFA. Why so? Because STGCC is the one event that showcases both Japanese and Western toy culture on an equal scale. Firstly, what is STGCC? It stands for Singapore Toy, Games and Comics Convention. It is an event jam-packed with guests from all over the world, performances and exhibitions!

The first thing I spotted when I entered was a life-sized Star Wars feature! Definitely something dramatic that ups the excitement a few notches!

Storm troopers greeting new visitors
I headed straight to the Hot Toys exhibition, as I do every year. Hot Toys is unique and most well-known for their extremely detailed figures of movie characters! The figures all strongly resemble the actors that play these characters and they are so popular they sell out extremely fast despite their premium prices!

My personal favourite Marvel movie is Guardians of the Galaxy! I've mentioned this before, but I love sci-fi, and this movie is definitely my top movie of the year so far. This was a cool display and I lingered around for quite a while watching it.

Gamora, as beautiful as she is green
My favourite character is definitely Star-Lord. Unfortunately, the Star-Lord figure would completely blow through my budget... :'( Once again, note the amazing detail!

Oh, here we are at an all-time favourite. Ironman's popularity is absolutely through the roof! The two foremost Ironman suits are the latest one, with the orange one being this year's STGCC exclusive.

The colours... The variety... Amazing!
More Ironmans! I had to wait for my turn to take this photo for it seems like everyone wants a piece of Ironman! From grown man to little kids, everyone was jostling to get a photo and a closer look.

Here is the famous Avenger's battle scene!

Avengers assemble~!
This is the first time I've seen a Transformers figure by Hot Toys! It's a shame it was overshadowed by the other figures, but the dull, plasticky-looking design didn't help.

Whew! We're finally out of Hot Toy's territory! The next exhibition was full of chibi figures! They're really adorable!

Chibi Ironman!

Chibi Transformers!
Looks like they're planning on rolling out some chibi Street Fighter figures too! By the way, these unpainted figures are actually 'previews'. I suppose you can call them prototypes. Anyway, these previews inform the public of possible future figures. The final product's design might be different. Sometimes previews are painted but the final product has a different type of face or colour treatment!

Everyone was inexplicably drawn to a small box in the exhibition, and guess what was in it? That's right, a hovering mini Ironman! It was rotating while hovering, an impressive technological feat! I am assuming a magnet was used.

Oooh~ One more preview! This time it's Darth Vader! He's a lot less menacing in this tiny form isn't he?

Remember me mentioning STGCC figure exclusives above? Yup, these are it~ They always sell out extremely fast! I'm not sure how it works but I think it's something like a lucky draw. Anyway, serious buyers always head to purchase STGCC figure exclusives first thing. Last year I went right when the event started and there was already a queue! Little wonder they are always gone so fast.

Action City always partners with Hot Toys to bring to us pre-orders too! As you can tell, they are extremely expensive. Now you see why I cannot afford the Star-Lord figure? :'(

I'm not so sure what these military figures are about. They're chock full of details though! Checking them out properly would probably take half a day and a whole lot of patience.

Do you remember my Levi unboxing post? He was featured in the event!

Nice seeing a familiar face~
I have been following the news of the followup Eren figure for a long time now, but it seems I'll have to wait longer for it is not available yet...

However!!! This preview got me supremely excited! A kyojin-Eren! I definitely need more news on this! Time to bust out the English-Japanese dictionary and trawl Sen-ti-nel's site!

Yet another exciting preview!

I was pretty surprised to spot Naruto. Even in Japan, Naruto figures are so rare they're nowhere to be found in Akihabara, so naturally the price is high, higher than what figurines of this scale usually cost.

Robocop's all-black suit is so cool~~~

I really wanted to buy this shirt and after going home I wish I did buy it...

I walked past the stage a few times! It was pretty crowded and I had to raise my arms high up to take this photo. STGCC's stage is always busy with guests or performances. By the way, this year featured Aaron E. Kim Jacinto, who is said to be one of the youngest Marvel artists! It also featured many other awesome Western comic artists, such as Andy Price and Alex Solis!

Of course, what comic event would it be if it didn't also have a cosplay runway! A staggering number of cosplayers attended the event and there was even a separate hall for them roam around and get their photos taken!

STGCC also has a DJ Night, which I enjoyed last year, but due to time constraint I skipped this year's :(

After looking at the exhibits I wandered over to the vendor booths! There are lots of art works around.

There's even a live caricature drawing booth!

Spotted some Dragon Nest... Anyone here plays? :) I myself don't but it looks fun!

I walked past these two Spidermans and had to take a photo! Spiderman is a really popular costume at STGCC. Last year I saw a couple as well as Venom-Spiderman and this year I saw no less than five Spidermans!

Saw this cosplayer in front of me... Couldn't help myself from reaching out to touch the tail! She didn't realise though.

An artist who creates art in paint! He takes using paint as a medium to a whole new level.

Caught some cosplayers resting...

While on my way out I saw a Groot bust! Everyone was taking turns to take pictures of it, causing a slight jam. Maybe next time they shouldn't put something so photo-worthy too near the exit? Just a suggestion!

I tried some Japanese goodies! As usual, there was a snack shop and my friend and I picked up something to munch on ^^

Adorable packaging! When buying things with Japanese packaging it's almost always based on how aesthetically pleasing they are!

These mini burger biscuits were pretty good! I really like the chocolate cream!

Well, that's it for my STGCC post! I have to admit, although I did spend a long time there, I wish I could spend more! For now, let's look forward to next year's~!

Written by Nana

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2 comments to ''Singapore Toys and Games Comic Convention STGCC 2014 : Nana"

  1. You mentioned to look forward to the next year.. Does that mean you won't be in the other days of STGCC?
    But great experience! I just hope there was an anime convention near our area...

  2. Usually the annual Singapore Toys & Games Comic Convention (STGCC) only lasts for 2 days; Saturday and Sunday. Such anime and cosplay conventions, including the much anticipated AFA take place 6-8 times a year. This is what Singaporeans look forward to every year!