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Figure Review: Ayase Eli Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki (SEGA)

Remember when I said that I found several Love Live figures in my possession when I was organizing my room? For today, I have Ayase Eli's Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki version with me. I have also posted two other reviews previously for Honoka and you can read them here (Mogyutto version) and here (Valentine's version).

A hexagonal base helps save space compared to round bases because you can always easily fit one figure against another. Eli also has quite a compact base which really helps to save space.
The extra detail of her name printed onto the base helps to add a new touch to the figure as well.
Posing and Assembly

Eli's pose is one that an idol would make. I think Eli is likely to make that pose as well, but it does not really correspond well with my image of her. She does, however, come from an official illustration and I find that there has been a very good transition of that into 3D.
Assembly is alike other prize figures. You align the holes at the bottom of her feet with the pegs on her base and slid her into place. Mine needed some work to get her in place but most prize figures are a little more bendy than scales so no harm was done.
Sculpting and Painting

Let's start by looking at her attire. The buttons and gold stripes are faithfully included into the figure. Her outfit also uses many different colors -- gold, red, black, white and a darker beige-yellow color. There are also no paint spills. I'm impressed by how the thin black line down to the right of her tie is cleanly painted, despite having the gold buttons over them.
The white frills on her skirt are also well done and really make the attire look extremely cute, especially when contrasted to the larger plaited skirt around it. The contrast with the black under-layer also looks amazing!
I love the sculpt of her kneecaps and how they get the perfect amount of light and shadow to make them look realistic. Other than that, I like the band around her right thigh, it constantly makes me wonder how it holds itself up, especially when they are on stage.
Boots-wise, I like how the laces work and how they are sculpted onto the figure. As seen, there are at least two different paints on the boots, the matte black and the shinier black at the toes of the boots.
I would also like to draw attention to the white top of her boots where there are tiny frills around the base of it. Each ruffle is sculpted individually!
The hair seam isn't that obvious, which is something quite rare for prize figures! And you'll notice that her ponytail isn't flat either, and has some movement to it.
Her ribbon that holds up her ponytail is quite detailed and isn't just a simple scrunchie. Of course, it doesn't look terribly fantastic but it fits very well with the theme of this outfit!
I would recommend this to any Eli fans because she is now rather cheap in the aftermarket and is of quite good quality relative to the current price which she is going for!

~ Reina-rin

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