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Have A Break

Have a KitKat! While loitering around Liang Court earlier in the afternoon, my eyes did a double take as boxes of limited edition KitKat from Japan peered at passers-by from one of the glass panels of Choco Express. I gazed lovingly (?) at those beautiful, sinful sweeties for about thirty seconds or so before struggling to shake their images off my mind. I didn't enter the shop quite unfortunately, because a part of me had the upper hand which managed to suppress any hint of a desire to sweep the entire display for my mostly guilt-free indulgence. Okay, that sounds a little far-fetched but I won't deny the Japanese confectionery freak in me. The imports may be wallet-draining yet the willingness to part one's hard-earned money down to its last penny (exaggerated I know) remains undisputed. Those sweet lovelies are just too difficult to pass up! Anyway, I was reminded of the unique flavours that I've had the opportunities to try. This article will be all about Japanese KitKat! Now, prepare a bib or something.

Okay, I love matcha. Just cover most (edible) things with matcha and there is a very high chance that they would be gone in a matter of seconds. Matcha-flavoured confectionery is one of my weakest spots, therefore it is the norm (?) to see a quirky aging man suddenly glowing with unspeakable joy and such right in the middle of the supermarket. This Uji Matcha-flavoured KitKat was found in nippon-ya at Ion Orchard. Thankfully, a (much) smaller size was available as I didn't think that it was practical to lug the bigger box even though ideally I should be able to stomach all that goodness without flinching. Besides, those lovelies melt. Luckily, this Uji Matcha-flavoured KitKat didn't die (?) on me just minutes before my class. I don't know how else to deviate from my strong bias so I shall just let the readers imagine what the taste would be like. Nope, I won't go around saying "Oh, it tastes of Uji Matcha!" unless I fancy a blue-black or something. Matcha is known to be rather strong and bitter but its intensity makes a fine contrast when combined with sweets. That is pretty much why I love matcha-flavoured confectionery to pieces!

Moving on. Sakura...Sakura...cues enka music...okay, not really. If anybody is wondering what Sakura tastes like, unfortunately I still don't have a clue but I would say that this Sakura Matcha-flavoured KitKat is much sweeter than the Uji Matcha one, and somewhat overpowering as well. The matcha essence seemed neither here nor there as I took the first bite, rendering the product a disappointment. Initially, I thought that it was really innovative to have a combination like this. However, the flavours were quite a mess and it merely felt like I was eating sugar. But I've got to admit that I was drawn to the packaging. I mean, it felt so spring-like. Besides, there was matcha in it even though I had an awfully challenging time tasting that. Nope, I don't think that there is anything wrong with my tastebuds. By the way, this was also discovered at nippon-ya! I had to wait a while for the smaller size. Hmm, anybody thinks that this would go well with Matcha Latte?

I think that I should return to Choco Express someday and simply grab a couple of those limited edition Japanese KitKat. There is the Shinshu Apple which looks really mouth-watering! Apparently, the Shinshu apples are cultivated using pure water and such, giving them the crisp and refreshing taste. There is also the Houjicha-flavoured KitKat which caught my attention. Someday, I must give Houjicha a try - drink or otherwise! This Houjicha-flavoured KitKat was born as a collaborative effort between a famous teahouse in Kyoto called Itou Kyuemon and KitKat. Gosh, I'm salivating now! Anybody likes Houjicha here?

I'm so going back with my red packets. Take my money!!!

Eccentrically Yours.

Written by J.Fluffysheep ♪

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